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M&T presents CMC Centennial Jazz Festival

Get ready Buffalo… this city is about to come alive with the sounds of some serious jazz! Starting on Monday, July 24, the Colored Musicians Club (CMC) is launching a week of live jazz performances in the form of the highly anticipated CMC Centennial Jazz Festival.

The event is part of CMC’s 100 year anniversary. We’re talking about a club that has helped to keep jazz alive in Buffalo for 100 years… a club that continues to promote jazz in various ways, so that we can all experience the steeped and storied rhythmic sounds that have been coursing through this city’s veins for a century.

M&T presents CMC Centennial Jazz Festival

July 24 – July 29

George Scott

The Historic Colored Musicians Club

145 Broadway St, Buffalo, New York 14203

Monday, July 24th, 2017
“Slow Roll Buffalo” Historic Musicians Club Ride
7pm- George Scott Big Band

Tuesday, July 25th, 2017
VENUE: Larkin Square
“Food Truck Tuesday”
5pm- Carol McLaughlin Combo

Scott Tixier

Tuesday, July 25th, 2017
VENUE: Historic Colored Musicians Club
7pm- Scott Tixier
9pm- Scott Tixier

Wednesday, July 26th, 2017
VENUE: Buffalo Place
“Queen City Social”
5pm- Jenny May Quartet
6pm- Ed Chilungu Trio
7pm- Alex McArthur Quintet

Wednesday, July 26th, 2017
VENUE: Larkin Square
“Live at Larkin!”
5pm Brotha Perry Quartet
6:30pm Buffalo Afrobeat Orchestra

Andre Killian Duo

Wednesday, July 26th, 2017
VENUE: Pausa Art House
7pm- Andre Killian Duo feat. Abdul Rahman Qadir
9pm- Andre Killian Duo feat. Abdul Rahman Qadir

Thursday, July 27th, 2017
VENUE: Hallwalls Contemporary Art Center
8:15pm- Walter Kemp 3oh!
VENUE: 9th Ward at Babeville
7:00pm- Otis Brown, III Trio
9:30pm- Otis Brown, III Trio

Friday, July 28th, 2017
VENUE: Colored Musicians Club
“Funk-n-Soul Friday”
7pm- “A2Z” feat. Zuri Appleby, Arianna Powell, Rod Bonner and Daniel “DP” Powell
10pm- “A2Z” feat. Zuri Appleby, Arianna Powell, Rod Bonner and Daniel “DP” Powell

A2Z – Arianna Powell and Zuri Appleby

Saturday, July 29th, 2017
VENUE: CMC Outdoor Stage
noon- All City Jazz Band (High School Big Band)
1pm- Why Not?
2pm- The Blue Note 5 
3pm- Katy Miner Quintet
4pm- Greg Millar Quartet
5pm- Janice Mitchell Quartet
6pm- George Caldwell Quartet

VENUE: CMC Indoor Stage
1pm- Barbara Levy Daniels Quartet
2pm- Trio Payazzo
3pm Juini Booth’s Juiniraviesin
4pm- JazzWizz with Dennis Warne, guest
5pm- Les Davis Quintet

The Baylor Project

Saturday, July 29th, 2017
VENUE: Albright Knox
8pm- The Baylor Project

Featured Bands and Musicians


Abdul-Rahman Qadir

Alex McArthur

All City Jazz Big Band

Allan Mednard

Andre Killian

Juini, Nryan, Ravi, Esin

Andrew Weintzler

Andy Perruzini

Arianna Powell

Barbara Levy Daniels

Bernard Kunz

Bobby Lavell

Bob Davis

Brotha Perry Quartet

Brian DeJesus

Katy Miner Quintet

Brian Jackson

Bruce Johnstone

Buffalo Afrobeat Orchestra

Carol McLaughlin

Daniel “DP” Powell

David “Teaspoon” Hulett

David T. Phillips

Dennis Warne

Devin Kelly

Carol McLaughlin Combo

Ed Chilungu

Ed Croft

Emilio Virella

Franck Desiree

Freddie Hendrix

George Kane

George Scott

George Scott Big Band

Greg Millar

Greg Millar Quartet

Otis Brown, III Trio

George Caldwell

Harry Fackelman

Harry Graser

Janice Mitchell

Jean Baylor

Jenny May

Jenny May Quartet

Jim Beishline

Joe Goretti

Joel Frahm

Walter Kemp 3oh!

John Bacon

John Werrick

Juini Booth

Katy Miner

Katy Miner Quintet

Keith Loftis

Kevin Doyle

Kevin Hall

Lamont Perry

Les Davis

Luques Curtis

Marcus Baylor

Mark Copeland

Naheem Shabazz

Naryan Padnamabha

Otis Brown, III

Otis Brown, III Trio

Paul Zapalowski

Phil Sims

Preach Freedom

Ravi Padnamabha

Richard Goods

RiShon Odel

Robert Garrett

Rod Bonner

Sabu Adeyola

Sara Rodriguez

Scott Tixier

Steve Bazckowski

The Baylor Project

The Blue Note 5

Tim Webb

Tom Kasperek

Tony Zambito

Trio Payazzo

Walter Kemp 3

Walter Kemp 3oh!

Wayne Moose

Why Not?

Yvonnick Prene

Zoe Scruggs

Zuri Appleby

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