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Churn Soft Serve to Officially Open Saturday

North Buffalo’s fate as Western New York’s premier ice cream destination will be sealed Saturday at 8 a.m, when Lloyd Taco Factory offshoot Churn officially opens its doors to the public.

Churn, a soft serve and coffee shop, will join Lake Effect Ice Cream and Hertel Avenue Poutine & Cream as the third business with a focused ice cream program to open on Hertel this year. But lest you worry that the market is at risk of saturation, rest assured that Churn, like Lake Effect and Poutine & Cream, fills a particular frozen dairy niche.

In Churn’s case, that niche is premier, from-scratch soft serve ice cream—a rarity (perhaps even a singular achievement) in Western New York. Sure, these parts abound with frozen custard stands, but the majority of those rely on an ice cream base purchased from one of two major manufacturers. That’s where Lloyd owners Peter Cimino and Chris Dorsaneo saw opportunity.

“I don’t think anyone has taken soft serve to another level,” Pete said at a recent media preview.

No strangers to tackling food ventures without precedent in Buffalo, Cimino and Dorsaneo took on the challenge. At Churn, flavors like vanilla, chocolate, and matcha are made entirely in house using cane sugar; whole milk and cream from Ithaca-resident, grass-fed cows; and top-shelf flavoring agents. Vegan soft serve, with coconut as its foundation, gets the same premier treatment, minus the dairy. The result is a product Cimino calls “as homemade as you can get.”

Churn’s next-level soft serve differentials don’t end there. Recognizing that half the fun of ice cream is the toppings, Cimino and Dorsaneo wanted to be sure equal thought and care were put into the flavor profiles and components of the sundaes, mix-ins, and curated cones that constitute the shop’s menu. To that end, they brought on board pastry chef Ann (Panda) Tran, formerly of Aro Bar de Tapas, to oversee the menu’s development and execution.

Under her direction, Churn is launching with creations like the Gramma Angie—vanilla soft serve coated in oatmeal raisin cookie crumbles, chocolate chips, and cream cheese frosting—and the De la Lloyd—chocolate soft serve coated in Aztec brownie and Oreo crumbles, cocoa nibs, and “spice dust.” Both come on waffle cones, cooked fresh daily. If you prefer ice cream in a cup, sundaes like Shortie Cake—vanilla soft serve with lemon shortcake, meringue cookies, and seasonal fruit compote (strawberries, for the time being)—fit the bill. Soon enough, you’ll also be able to pick up novelties like paletas, choco tacos, and ice cream bars and sandwiches.

Of course, if all you want is a simple twist with sprinkles, Churn can do that, too.

The commitment to quality at Churn extends to the coffee. To ensure it met their standards, Cimino and Dorsaneo hired Tipico owner Jesse Crouse to advise them on their roasts and train Churn’s baristas. The hope is that Churn’s early hours coupled with the strength of its coffee program will conspire to make it a destination not just for Buffalo’s ice cream junkies but the city’s under-caffeinated as well.

After its Saturday launch, Churn will close Sunday, July 16, for retooling. Starting Monday, it will be open seven days a week from 8 a.m. until 11 p.m. Schedule subject to change.

Churn | 1501 Hertel Avenue | Buffalo, New York, NY 14216 | (716) 863-9781 | Facebook

Written by Caitlin Hartney

Caitlin Hartney

Caitlin has covered local food and drink for Buffalo Rising since 2015, having previously written for Artvoice, the Public, and the Buffalo News. She works full time in marketing communications and is earning her master's degree in history at University at Buffalo, the latter of which occasionally informs her writing. Most importantly, she likes the word "moist" and doesn't care who knows it. How else do you describe a great piece of cake?

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  • MatthewK

    if I ever see an article referring to North Buffalo as NoBu…I will never visit this website again.j

    • G Orty

      NoBu NoBu NoBu NoBu NoBu. I’ve only ever heard people from outside NoBu refer to it as this. I live there and… nope, that’s not what it is. How about EmVi, LaVi, ChVa, DoTo, WeBu, EaSi, DePa, MeCa, ALTo? Seem appropriately stupid as well.

      • Wally Balls

        I once heard one derelict refer to NoDePa for North of Delaware Park. Hope he got hit by a bus.

    • Ivan Putski Jr

      i’ve heard South Buffalo referred to as SoBo, so if nothing else NoBo makes more sense…but even doing this makes me cringe. I was always amused about this site referring to the section around Delta Sonic on Main street as “Mid Town”

    • MatthewK

      My god bless you with one million clicks for the update Caitlin..update to North Buffalo is appreciated.
      Now if I could just do something about the 10 x increase of man buns I’ve seen in the neighborhood over the last year…I’d be all set.

  • Marc Rebmann

    Dieter’s beware, stay out of Nobu! Besides the 3 mentioned, Bella Mia down the street, King Condrell’s in Kenmore, and Parkside Candy in the Height’s all deserve mentioning as well. I agree 100% about NoBu being the premier ice cream destination in all of WNY.

    • Point Given

      no one calls it NoBU

      • WTF is a NoBu?
        Jesus, these acronyms are ridiculous… yes, I realize I used one myself, but that’s because of moderation.

    • Wally Balls

      NoBu? Stop trying to make that a thing. If you want neighborhood names, there’s this quaint little island about 10 minutes east of New Jersey.

  • J G

    “After its Saturday launch, Churn will close Sunday, July 16, for retooling. Starting Monday, it will be open seven days a week from 8 a.m. until 11 p.m. Schedule subject to change.”

    8am ice cream?

    • Johnny Pizza

      the article says they’re doing coffee too

      • J G

        Whoops…you’re right. The whole reading thing escapes me sometimes.

        • What’s so wrong with 8am ice cream?

  • There’s NEVER enough ice cream parlor in the world that would be considered saturating the market UNLESS they all served Perry’s or Hershey’s ice cream.

    If they’re creating their own, they’re all unique in their own fashion, and competition brings out the best in everyone in this case.

  • Sabres00

    If there’s an ice cream destination in WNY it’s certainly not here.

  • artificialbutalive

    The only premier destination for iced cream in WNY is Antoinette’s. Period.

    • Premier as in premier pricing? Certainly.
      Best in WNY? No.

    • MatthewK

      Clearly you haven’t been to lake effect yet…
      early 60% cheaper than antoinettes..btw.