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Better Look: Proposed Hertel Dash’s

The Buffalo Planning Board will begin reviewing the proposed Dash’s Market at the northeast corner of Hertel and Starin avenues tomorrow. The 47,500 sq.ft., two-story structure and parking lot would replace existing buildings on the corner, and the current store would be demolished.

Details from the Project Application:

The first floor of the building spans approximately 32,000 sq.ft. and will house the new grocery store’s retail operations. The second floor approximately 15,500 sq.ft. will contain an open eating area, offices, a community room and virtual office space that will be able to be rented by the community.

The building façade is intended to complement the current Hertel Avenue neighborhood design. The building will feature a radius corner façade, with brick corbelling, and cast stone cornice mimicking the significant architecture of the neighborhood. The exterior of building will also be constructed of predominately brick with areas of decorative metal infill panels, window systems, decorative steel ornamental railings, and a cast stone water table.

The façade details will be illuminated by architectural lighting to highlight and accentuate the architectural features of the building. Direct and direct/indirect luminaires will be used to provide a level of perimeter illumination around the accessible sides of the building. Egress illumination will be provided above all of the egress doors. The building mounted lighting will be turned off during the hours of 11pm-6am.

The parking lot consists of just over 28,000 sq.ft. of heavy duty asphalt pavement. Heavy duty asphalt is being proposed at this point for the entire lot as nearly half of the asphalt area will need to accommodate fairly regular heavy truck circulation.

Seventy-eight City of Buffalo compliant parking spaces are proposed including four code-compliant accessible parking spaces. Interior curbed, landscaped islands as required by code were omitted in favor of striped islands that would better accommodate the turning movements of large delivery trucks that would routinely navigate the lot. The striped islands offer greater maneuverability for trucks allowing them to better avoid cars in the lot.

Parking lot lighting will be accomplished primarily with pole mounted decorative LED luminaries. The parking lot will be illuminated by using 16 ft, decorative post-top type LED fixtures mounted on a decorative fluted pole. These luminaires also be provided with house side shields to minimize light pollution to the areas outside of the property line.

The Parking lot lighting will be photocell controlled which will be provide with automatic light reduction by a minimum 50 percent between hours of 11pm-6am. The site lighting will be dimmed to lower level automatically.

The walkway along Starin will be reconstructed to incorporate a stamped colored concrete “Café” seating area surrounded by decorative metal railings under a wood trellis proposed on the west face of the market. A standard 6 ft. wide walkway will bisect the outdoor seating area and the stamped colored concrete plaza proposed along the curb edge of Starin. This “plaza area” is meant to accommodate patrons and their bicycles and additional café seating.

There will be a second walkway along Hertel that will be constructed to incorporate a “Café” seating area. These Outdoor dining areas occur within the city right-of-way and they will require a Special Use Permit which requires a recommendation from the City Planning Board.

The market entrance at the corner of Starin and Hertel will also incorporate approximately 250 sq.ft. of concrete walk which will incorporate a snow melt system. The focus of this entrance is on pedestrian traffic.

Buffalo’s recently adopted Green Code requires us to provide one (1) short term bicycle space per 3,000 sq.ft. gross floor area of the building. This equation results in a need for a minimum ten (10) temporary bicycle parking spaces. We propose twenty-six (26) spaces by incorporating the standard Go Bike Buffalo rack oriented at a 45 degree angle to the curb edge. The racks are placed within the “furnishings zone” as designated by the City of Buffalo DPW and within Dash’s property.

Along the Hertel Avenue edge of the parking lot we propose a fourteen (14) foot wide one hundred seventy foot long landscaped buffer with a three (3) foot high brick and cast stone wall with ornamental fence on top and bricks piers to compliment the market architecture. The wall will align with the Hertel Avenue building face and will require a City of Buffalo Encroachment Permit and area variance.

The Project requires a long list of City approvals and variances.

  1. Major Site Plan Approval, Planning Board
  2. Minor Subdivision Approval, Planning Board
  3. Area Variance Approvals, Zoning Board of Appeals
  4. Special Use Permit Approval, Common Council
  5. Stormwater Sewer Approval, Buffalo Sewer Authority
  6. Encroachment, Curb Cut, and Right-of-Way Work Permit, Commissioner of Public Works
  7. Code Review, Demolition Permit and Building Permit

The zoning area variances from the City of Buffalo’s Green Code Unified Development Ordinance are being reviewed by the Zoning Board:

  1. Section 3.2.5.C.B – Lot Width limit of 150.’ Actual is greater than 400.’
  2. Section 3.2.5.D – Building Setbacks
     E. Interior side yard maximum 30.’ Actual is greater than 200.’
     F. 15’-0” setback from rear property line. Actual varies from 3 feet to 4 inches.
  3. Section 3.2.5.F – Transparency
     A. Ground Floor transparency minimum 70% – front façade. Actual is 48%.
     B. Ground Floor transparency minimum 40% – corner side façade. Actual is 0%.
     F. Ground Floor window sill height min/max 0.5’/2.5.’ Actual short window sills are 8’-6”.
  4. Section 7.2.2.B.1 – Back Wall/Fence – Maximum height is 7’-0 from the average grade height along back property line. Actual varies from 9’-6” to 10’-6” on the residential property side.
  5. Section 7.1.5.C.1 – 10% of interior parking lot greenspace requirement. 10% of 28,000 sf asphalt parking area= 2,800 sf greenspace required. We presently show 1% interior greenspace due to parking and truck circulation requirements.
  6. Section 7.1.6 – Type C – 5’ buffer at front of parking lot required. Actual is 0’.
  7. Section 7.2.2.B.2 – Front Parking Lot Wall – Maximum height is 4.’ Actual is 6’ including ornamental fence on top
  8. Section 8.3.3.A.3 – Parking must be located at rear of property for a N-3-C zoned property. Actual – Interior Side yard.

If approved, work is expected to begin this fall. Completion of the $10 to $12 million project is anticipated for late spring/early summer 2018.  Wendel is project engineer and architect.

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