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1225 Niagara Street Comes into Focus

Authors: Dr. Rehab and Queenseyes

Self professed rookie developer Bill Breeser’s project at 1225 Niagara Street continues to progress. The white paint came off the building this spring, exposing some very nice traditional brick. Now there are new windows throughout the entire building. Buffalo Rising reported on this project in early May. 

According to Breeser, there are three apartments underway at 1225 Niagara Street – two one-bedrooms on the second floor, and a two bedroom with two bath on the third floor. It was a total gut job, but the building was structurally sound, with good bones.

In order to accommodate a potential café or restaurant on the first floor, Breeser needed to add square footage to the basement. The basement floor was shot, so he took it out, down to the bedrock. His crew then jackhammered the bedrock out to create more space. A new concrete floor will be poured next week. At this point, there is no official commercial tenant, but Breeser did say that the available first floor space is currently 1500 square feet. He also said that the parking lot on the north side of the building could be used to build out the commercial space, adding upwards of 2500 square feet to the business footprint (which would warrant two additional floors of residential above). Breeser said that a couple of restaurants are circling, but there is no lease signed as of yet. He also made sure to mention that the space is not just available to restaurateurs, but to other business ideas as well.

As for the apartments on the upper floors, hardwood floors have been put down, ceramic tiles have been installed, granite countertops are in, and kitchen cabinets are being hung. The residential piece of the puzzle is nearing an end.

“I’ve been trying to do this building for a long time,” Breeser told BRO. “Finally all of the big guys are moving onto Niagara. As a rookie, it feels good to not be by myself anymore. For many years, it was just me.”

The Breeser Group Manufacturing and Development owns the building, as well as every other building on Niagara Street (both sides) from Auburn to Breckenridge, with the exception of the bait and tackle store, which keeps jumping up in price.

Taking a look around this stretch of Niagara Street, it’s impressive to see what Breeser has pulled off thus far. He owns the building that houses Resurgence Brewery and Bootleg Bucha. He also owns the Sugar City building, and the West Side Pet Clinic building. Other buildings in his portfolio pertain to the manufacturing side of his business, including Better Wire Products.

Breeser is also in possession of the circa 1827 Breckenridge Church at 44 Breckenridge Street (just off Niagara), which is a rare Federal Style building in Buffalo. It’s also considered the oldest existing church building in Buffalo (it’s missing its bell tower). Breeser says that the day will come for this beauty to play a role in the city’s resurgence, but for now it silently awaits its bell to toll. 

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Written by Dr. Rehab

Dr. Rehab

John Straubinger has been an occasional Buffalo Rising contributor since 2007. Born and raised in the city, John lived and worked in Boston, MA in the Research field for over 47 years. Since the early 1990's, he started following what was happening in his home town with a developing interest. Liking more and more of what he was seeing in Buffalo for the last ten years, John decided to return to Buffalo permanently in the fall of 2014. John has an interesting facebook page called Buffalo rehab and Reuse, He occasionally contributes articles to BRO as Dr. Rehab.

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