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Vegan donuts make their way into Buffalo at Fry Baby Donut Co. 

Author: Jordan Soldaczewski

People were lined up waiting to get into the brand new Fry Baby Donuts on Friday morning at 11 a.m. I could smell a fresh batch being made from down the street and my mouth was watering by the time I walked in. 

You may ask, why should I try these tasty treats when I have a Tim Hortons and a Dunkin’ Donuts on the corner of my street? Well, Fry Baby makes handmade vegan donuts.

Since they are still made with a lot of the same ingredients as regular donuts, including sugar, they aren’t really any healthier than your typical donut, but there was something about them that made them taste better. These donuts are deep fried, but they aren’t as greasy – I didn’t feel too guilty eating them because of how fresh tasting they were. 

The owner of Fry Baby Donuts, Ann Hogan, says there has been enthusiastic reception to Fry Baby since the opening on June 8, “I think Buffalo was ready for something different, you know there are no other vegan donut shops around unless you travel quite a bit… it just seemed like the right place and the right time,” Hogan said. 

Fry Baby has a variety of donuts to pick from including: maple frosted, chocolate frosted, vanilla frosted, banana creme pie, cookies and creme, blueberry sugar, and glazed cinnamon rolls; and the flavors change each week. I bet I’ve made you hungry now, and you should be. I got a half dozen and tried a little bit of almost all of them and not one flavor disappointed me. One donut is sure to be big enough to fill you up, but you may be craving more later that day. I know I was.

The prices of the donuts go as follows: $2 for one donut, $11 for a half dozen and $22 for a dozen. While Fry Baby is open from 11 a.m. until 6 p.m., they will tell you on social media when they have run out for the day, and keep in mind that they are only open Thursday thru Saturday.

It is a very small shop, and besides the small park down the street, there are not many places to sit and enjoy your Fry Baby’s donuts. Parking is tough because you’re relying on open street parking so I parked on Trinity Place and then walked, which worked out pretty well for me. 

While the donuts are amazing, you may want to make a pit stop at that Tim Hortons on the corner for your coffee because my coffee was not the greatest I have had. I can’t complain too much because they are a donut joint, not a coffee shop. Keep in mind though, if you are going for the vegan options they have coconut creamer and almond milk. 

I think this is a step in the right direction for Buffalo because we don’t have too wide of a variety of vegan cuisine. For more information on Fry Baby, chek out their Facebook page.

Fry Baby Donuts | 336 S Elmwood Avenue | Buffalo, NY | (716) 783-7837 |  Facebook

Lead image from Fry Baby Donuts.

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