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The Elvis is The King of Burgers at Pierce Arrow Burger Bar

The establishment also whips up deep fried candy bars and deep fried Oreos for dessert

The Elvis

Call me crazy, but I recently had one of the best burgers in my life. It was at the Pierce Arrow Burger Bar that I came across The Elvis – peanut butter, bacon jam, tempura fried bananas, and potato chips. Now I’ve had a couple of different versions of Elvis-inspired burgers, and yes, they are spins on The King’s favorite sandwich (peanut butter, banana and bacon). Of course, if Elvis ever tried the Pierce Arrow’s version, he would most likely wholeheartedly approve. 

As I said, I’ve tried a couple of other Elvis-inspired burgers, which were pretty good, but they don’t hold up to this version. The Elvis at the Pierce Arrow Burger Bar is, simply put, dreamy. There’s a lot of peanut butter, which means that one needs a lot of napkins when eating the monster burger. There’s also plenty of banana – in this case tempura banana, which is an awesome twist. The bacon jam was out of this world, and the chips inside the burger? Are you kidding me? Although it took me a few days to recover from this outrageous burger, it was worth it. It’s certainly not something that I could eat everyday, but every once in a while I know that a craving will come a callin’.

Pierce Arrow Burger Bar now has a full liquor license.

Pierce Arrow Burger Bar has loads of burger options on the menu. The evening that I ate at the restaurant, I was accompanied by three friends, so we got to try a few different selections. Altogether, there were three hits at the table, and one miss. Of course The Elvis was a huge hit. The Manny Cruz was also a winner (chorizo brisket blend, potato matchsticks, finely diced red onion, and sriracha ketchup). The Average Bob was also a fan favorite (cheese, bacon, lettuce, tomato and red onion). The only disappointment was the Beer, Bacon & Cheese (a house made beer bacon and cheese dip, lettuce, tomato and red onion). The biggest complaint about the burger was the lack of bacon – there were little pieces, as opposed the The Average Bob that came with big strips of bacon.There was also a weird combination of cheeses that didn’t quite work. While it sounded good on the menu, it didn’t translate that well on the plate.

For the vegetarians in the crowd, there is a black bean burger. The menu also features chicken wings, spicy chicken on a biscuit, a fish fry, fish tacos, mac& cheese and milkshakes!

Oh, lest I forget to mention… the establishment also whips up deep fried candy bars and deep fried Oreos for dessert. I’ll admit that while I was brave enough to try The Elvis, I was not able to face either one of these dessert champions. Maybe you might be up to the challenge?

As for the decor, the front bar area is quite nice. The bar looks like it’s been there for a long, long, time – very comfortable. The back dining room is a bit underwhelming – nothing to write home about. It needs some old signage on the walls or something to keep up with the rustic appearance of the front room.

The service was excellent – our server actually sat down at our table as we placed our orders, which was cute. Everyone at the table commented that she was funny, bubbly and efficient. As the bar filled up up in front room, she never forgot about us in the back. She filled our waters like clockwork, and took our repeat drink orders like a champ.

Altogether, my table was generally very pleased with the results, and everyone agreed that another trip was in order, to try some of the other burger concoctions. We were also all very impressed with the French fries, and felt that they were some of the best in the city. They were a perfect golden crisp on the outside, and surprisingly light and fluffy on the inside. The fries alone deserve a return trip… yum!

Pierce Arrow Burger Bar | 1680 Elmwood Avenue | Buffalo NY | 716-248-2262 | Facebook | Lunch – Dinner | Patio | Menu

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