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This Unusual Allentown Mansion, Yours for $750K

This grand house at 282 North Street in Allentown may be one of the most distinctive residences in Buffalo.  It has intrigued me since I first stumbled on it as a kid.  A renovation decades ago married its exuberant Victorian detailing to an unusual brick porch and quirky addition on its east side, all set back behind a brick wall.

The realtor’s listing reveals  just how distinctive this house really is with 25 beautiful images. I am guessing the distinctive contemporary modifications inside and out are from a 1970s era renovation.  Or are the interior modifications more recent?  The design is timeless, so its hard to tell.

The 70s was a period of early renewed interest in Buffalo’s historic neighborhoods.  Renovation projects, however, were  rare back then and many nearby streets were still in steep decline. When renovations did occur they tended to inject a modernist contrast to the original architecture rather than do a full historically accurate restoration. Often, porches were removed and double hung windows were replaced with a single sheet of fixed in place glass. This house fills that modernist pattern.

The interior is filled with unusual but quite interesting contemporary insertions placed in contrast with the original historic rooms. The original historic detailing is in glorious mint condition with lots natural wood, trim and plaster moldings. Contemporary color pallets and a nice collection of mid century furniture finish off the setting for what might be the most unusual home in Buffalo.

The 5108 sf house was built in 1888.  It has three bedrooms, Five bathrooms, a green house, and a library. Here is the pitch:

Allentown mansion with 13′ ceilings, architectural details including 1′ moldings, interior shutters, several fireplaces, and beautiful spaces. The current owners have spent 8 years creating one of the most thoughtful interior spaces in the area. Impeccably maintained, the interior and exterior mirror the integrity of this residence.

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  • Eric

    The house has a fascinating and charming story behind its creative restoration. It’s been in loving hands for over 40 years and is worth every dollar of its price.

  • Randy503

    It should come with a pair of bell bottoms.

  • armyof100clowns

    I’m usually not impressed or warm towards these updates that erase the original style of a house (just not my cup of tea), but there is something about this particular resto-mod that I really like. It looks purposeful and, strangely, appropriate. If I were in the market to move and purchase a “new” house, I would definitely give this house a look.

  • jdstrawser

    The former owners of 282 North were an Architect and Interior Design couple who worked on some pretty great projects throughout the greater Western, NY area for over forty years. Although it is outdated, it reflects the time period in which they were most relevant in their careers. In my opinion, this is an absolutely beautiful space and the “bones” lend itself well to someone who would want to update it.

  • Captain Picard

    1. Good on Steel for not using the word “only” in front of “$750k.”

    2. Cool house, may actually be worth the asking price, despite proximity to entertainment district.

    3. This is one of the most measured and opinion-free pieces ever written by Steel–keep it up! It’s easy to support you when you’re not being smarmy.

    • OldFirstWard

      I’ll do it for him, start with the crappy furniture and carpeting. Even shag carpeting at that. Tear up those rugs and refinish those hardwood floors. The porch is horribly ugly and should be immediately demolished and replaced with an appropriate period porch. Finally, the exterior brick walls are painted, deduct a quarter million for that alone.

  • Slu

    I really like the greenhouse. I wish I had one like that. I’d never pay that much to live on North though.