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New Moon Café to open on Hertel

One year ago, The Frizlen Group wrapped up its multi-use development project at 1685 Hertel Avenue (see here). Since that time, Good Looks barber shop opened, and now the remaining storefront will soon open as New Moon Café. The café will be serving breakfast and lunch all day.

Breakfasts will include (from the griddle) Belgian waffle, croissant French toast, chocolate hazelnut French toast, a medley of burritos (chorizo, hawg, bean), breakfast bowl, side of scrambled eggs, huevos rancheros, Montezuma quesadilla, and breakfast panini.

For lunch, there are a boatload of paninis, all named after legendary musicians (meat and vegetarian on toasted ciabatta). There are four different salads, and a category called Buff Mex – Buffalo chicken quesadilla, frito burrito, and a chicken & black bean quesadilla.

Additional menu items of interest are the jumbo pretzels (Bavarian style), and the Three Bean Chili. There’s also a kids’ menu, which will be well received on Hertel. Finally, the café will feature a Tea Bar including (cold) fresh brewed blueberry tea, Earl Grey, ginger & Berry detox, Tazo passion herbal infusion, honey lemon ginseng, along an “eclectic” array of hot teas.

It won’t be long before North Buffalo has another go-to breakfast and lunch joint, which is always a “more the merrier” scenario, especially when there’s a diner flair such this. BRO will be back, once the café opens. We’re excited to try a number of items, one of which is the Funky Town Frito Pie! Oh my!

New Moon Café | 1685 Hertel Avenue | Buffalo NY 14216

Written by Buffalo Rising

Buffalo Rising

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  • HousingBubble2

    This place will do well best of luck !

  • Tasting Buffalo

    It is great to see this section of Hertel filling in, I wish this place the best of luck! I know I will be there

  • mightyNiagara

    interesting. that section of hertel doesn’t seem to do well with restaurants.
    the spot in the apartment building at admiral is always turning over, as well as the one at starin/hertel.

    good luck to them.

    • eagercolin

      The area around Hertel and Starin has been tough for restaurants, but sometimes those restaurants made it tough on themselves. Take Buffalo’s Original Steak and Seafood, for instance. Was Buffalo really ready for a restaurant that served steak and seafood? Sometimes such innovative concepts are bound to fail, regardless of location. Being a trailblazer ain’t easy. Hopefully, a less blindingly original restaurant concept like serving breakfast and lunch will do better.

      • Mr. B

        “Was Buffalo really ready for a restaurant that served steak and seafood?”

        LOL — ’cause no other restaurant in this city ever served steak and seafood before or since . . .


        • eagercolin

          It’s right there in the name — ORIGINAL! Some wide eyed dreamer had to be the first to imagine that both steak and seafood could be served in the same restaurant, and BOSS was the first. Like Icarus, BOSS was punished for flying too close to the sun. Yet (also like Icarus) there was a mad beauty in the attempt; as one of the owners noted in his diary the night before opening the restaurant “Old father, old artificer, stand me now and ever in good stead (as I try to sell both steak and seafood in one restaurant).”

          • jonny99

            Does not matter what it served, BOSS sucked so it went out of business

          • eagercolin

            People pass similar judgments on wild-eyed innovators all the time. Perhaps the best example is Paris theater goers rioting over the premiere of Igor Stravinsky’s The Rite of Spring in 1913. Like Stravinsky’s ballet, the idea behind BOSS — serving both steak and seafood — was so radical that it temporarily overwhelmed the public’s ability to reason and discern the future of a given field of human endeavor. But even when they aren’t appreciated in their lifetimes, our culture is immeasurably enriched by the contributions of those who throw caution to the wind and make bold moves, such as serving both steak and seafood at the same restaurant.

      • mightyNiagara

        um…yea. plenty other restaurants serve steak and seafood in buffalo.

    • Johnny Pizza

      I feel that part of the problem was the image this section of Hertel had. There was basically nothing to do from Parkside to Main a few years ago other than go to Dash’s or the Colonie. With DST, Lexington Coop and the Frizlen building now coming online it should have some more foot traffic, but who knows.

      • Jordan Then

        The disjointedness of the district from Parkside to Main doesn’t encourage pedestrian traffic. We need to fill in more of the parking lots with mixed-use buildings.

      • mightyNiagara

        lol. who’s going to the colonie? johnny pizza? oh boy.

    • flancrest

      Hopefully the Coop will bring a lot more foot traffic and make it more of a destination like points further east.

  • Dan Ryan

    Has it opened yet?