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Double Play for $900K!

This interesting set of two buildings at the corner of Glendale and Humboldt is on the market as a package deal for $900,000 even. One building is a fairly typical Buffalo single family Victorian.  The other is directly adjacent, holding 6 units within an extraordinary Victorian package.  The massive wood frame building may have been built as individual townhouses for upwardly mobile Buffalo families looking to live on prestigious Humboldt Parkway.  The building has three distinct segments. The center portion holds two units described as single family by the realtor.  They are flanked by a set back wing on each side which hold the remaining apartments.  A massive rounded center porch makes this one of the most memorable houses in the city.

There are no interior pictures which suggests that time has not been kind to these buildings.  Being so close to Canisius college is is likely they have been used for student housing. This is a nice neighborhood though.  The upside potential is great for the right owner.  Here is the realtor’s pitch:

Package deal includes 52, 56, 60 Glendale & 223, 221 Humboldt Pkwy. 52 Glendale 5 beds 1.5 bath Single Family ($1875/month), 56 Glendale 3/2 double (1675/month), 60 Glendale 4 bed 1 bath single family ($1400/month), 223 Humboldt Pkwy 4 bed 1 bath Single Family (1400/month), 221 Humboldt Pkwy 3/3 double ($2100/month). Package will not be separated. Call for more information



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  • S.L.Hawks


  • eagercolin

    The author seems to think this is a good deal.

    • David A. Steele

      I did not make any comment on the value of the deal. Hamlin Park is an up an coming neighborhood however.

      • grovercleveland

        How is that possible? I was told the 198 and 33 destroyed Humboldt Pkwy forever and ever.

      • eagercolin

        “The upside potential is great for the right owner.”

        • David A. Steele

          Have you run numbers to show otherwise? This is an appreciating neighborhood. The building has lots of charm with large units. Potential income is more than $100K per year.

  • Johnny Pizza

    “This is a nice neighborhood though.” – Two college students were shot on Glendale Avenue last year in March. Perhaps you should live near or visit the neighborhoods you claim to be “good”

    • Kevin Ryan

      I live near there and Hamlin Park is a great neighborhood. You can’t help it where these idiots decide to shoot people…It happens in the burbs too..OMG!

      • Johnny Pizza

        I lived there too all through college and people got robbed, shot, stabbed and mugged all throughout the neighborhood. My 2nd day of college was coming back to the dorms, everyone huddled around the TV because a little girl was shot in a drive-by around the corner. The next year two or three more guys were gunned down at Humboldt and Delevan. Drug dealers that lived across the street from me had their children run drugs out to cars that pulled up to score some drugs before peeling off.
        Yes, crime happens everywhere, but very clearly it happens in some places more than others.

        • Mike_Puma

          That must have been a while ago then. I’ve been over here for years and while there are issues, they are pretty minimal overall. There certainly seems to be less crime than more popular west side neighborhoods. I think the school has gotten much better about their police patrolling.

          Also, it seems like a lot of the crime is totally preventable. If I had a dollar for every time I’ve seen a student’s car with a laptop or expensive item in plain sight or someone having put a box for a big expensive TV to the curb without breaking it up or trying to hide it in the tote, I’d be pretty well off.

          • Matt Gracie

            “I think the school has gotten much better about their police patrolling.”

            Canisius Public Safety was recognized as “peace officers” (I think that was the term) about fifteen years ago, which gave them more legal authority to patrol the neighborhood around the campus.

        • townline

          Yeah, this is completely hyperbole. I lived there too. Its not perfect and things have happend, but this is a total inaccurate characterization.

        • Kevin Ryan

          I went to Canisius in the 80’s for my bachelors and then again in the 90’s and early 2000’s..always locked my doors and walked with someone and had no issues… between the BPD and the College security I always felt safe.. They were always patrolling…i don’t deny there is crime in the neighborhood… But put on your big boys pants and not trash a great neighborhood…because of your bad experiences…

  • Captain Henry

    I can confirm these were only used for student housing and ran by the biggest slum lord in all of buffalo who has been taking advantage of Medialle and Canisus students for years. LDR Developement. Loren Robinson. These house are filthy, I have been to parties in multiple units and seen puke, urine and fecal matter in all crevasses and corners of these houses. I personally lived in the single 5 bedroom house and the pipes were so old and no money was put into the house poop was flooding the basement. These houses aren’t worth 100k let alone 900k there is hundreds of thousands of dollars of work these houses need. You will go under if you buy this.

    • Miguel Stompah

      I had the exact same experience as you. When taking a shower, soap suds were literally seen in the driveway. A LOT of work would have to be put into these houses to make them livable. to be honest, I have not lived there since 2010 and I am personally shocked that they are still standing.

    • greenca

      A friend’s daughter lived in one of the apartments in the big building a few years ago for only a year. It was disgusting then. $900,000 is a pipe dream.

    • eagercolin

      These stories illustrate the danger of having someone with no knowledge of the local real estate market write these articles.

      • David A. Steele

        What would you say is inaccurate about what I have written? What part is dangerous?

        • eagercolin

          I have to assume that BR doesn’t actually want to publish articles advertising $900k shit holes. Someone with an actual sense of the local real estate market would have known people who lived here or heard stories about it, making them less likely to suggest that there’s some sort of great upside to buying this place for almost a million dollars.

          • David A. Steele

            Yes, you are the same person of same type of person who has been providing the same short sighted uninformed comment on here for 15 years. THis is an interesting building that is on the market, Maybe someone will buy it and invest in it. Maybe some one will buy and continue to run it as a student slum.

            There may be a great up side maybe not. I am sure a smart investor will look into that. renovated the potential income on these could be over $100K per year.

            I still don’t understand what part of my story you take issue with. What part of the story is inaccurate.

    • armyof100clowns

      A girlfriend of mine lived in the large multi-unit during the ’92-’93 school year. The place was an absolute s-hole. Roaches, centipedes, and pill/potato bugs abounded. I ended up fixing the ill fitting toilet because, despite the landlords assurances it would be fixed, it leaked every time it was flushed or you shifted your weight on the seat whilst doing your business. My fix was only temporary since the real issue was the rotting subfloor.

      During the Spring thaw she came back to her apartment to find her sinks, toilet, and shower drain regurgitating raw sewage. It took the landlord nearly three days to address the issue and send in a cleanup crew . . .

      I’m sure the intervening years have not been kind to the building nor improved upon it.

      $900,000? What a joke.

    • Johnny Pizza

      Yeah Mr. Robinson lives on Humboldt if memory serves, right near all his properties.

    • Christopher Michael

      Stay away. Had electrical issues years ago that Mr Robinson ignored. Couldn’t run several appliances without blowing the old school circuit breakers. Poorly maintained throughout the couple years ive known people living there, including myself. The allure of this well located student housing investment property is not worth the headaches this money pit will give you

  • East Auroran

    Too bad these places weren’t on Eastwood, then CC could buy them and knock them down for parking/further campus expansion.

    • Kevin Ryan

      Canisius no longer will knock down houses for parking now that they own the parking ramp …across the street…They have been great stewards recently for the neighborhood…

  • Captain Henry

    Please whoever is considering buying this have it inspected by 10 different people so they all can tell you just how bad this property is. Again the landlord/owner is very shady and will do everything he can to screw you over.

  • Pennstation

    I Had a relative that lived in the e top right apartment. It was a beautiful apartment and well maintained on a great street, oh wait , that was 1940. My daughter lived in the same apartment early 2000’s, I have to argree Loris