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Construction Wrap: 760 Seneca Street

SelectOne Search has done an incredible job renovating a once-dormant Larkin Square property. The firm purchased the three-story at 760 Seneca Street in October 2015 and renovated it for its headquarters. The $1.7 million project received sales and mortgage recording tax breaks from the Erie County Industrial Development Agency.

SelectOne occupies the 8,000 sq.ft. of space on the second and third floors of the building. It relocated from previous offices on Wehrle Drive. The 4,000 sq.ft. ground floor is vacant.

The Romanesque Revival structure is the former F.X. Winkler and Sons grocery store, established in 1857 on Seneca Street and moved to this building after its construction around 1893. The Winkler family closed the grocery in 1968.

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Buffalo Rising

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  • And I was just looking at that building in Google Earth the other day to see where the diner would go. It was bricked-up, I had no idea it was even being redone.

    • ILikeBuf

      No, cities in other states also use state and federal historic preservation tax credits. Many other states, even the Red States, and localities offer other tax incentives for redevelopment and development.

    • Jordan Then

      Can’t trust google earth anymore. You need to get out and visit these locations to see their current status.

      • Vandra

        You can trust, but pay attention to the date in the upper left. With projects opening all the time in Buffalo, it’s hard for Google Earth to keep up. But it’s not like Google promised to keep even annual updates. I like when you can roll back and see the same view from years earlier, sometimes 10 years.

    • G Orty

      It doesn’t look like this project received any HPTC money – only mortgage and sales tax abatement – but I think the question you’re getting at is: in general how subsidized is development in Buffalo, compared with other cities? Real property and development subsidy or tax exemption is very common because it is one of the most effective means for steering community development and economic growth, especially in targeted areas. That said, NYS provides more incentives to business than all but 4 other states. (IDAs are funded through the state.)

      • G Orty

        correction: IDAs, while controlled by the state comptroller, do not give money to developments as incentive, but any property under its ownership or control are exempt from paying taxes. This is still counted as incentive money, because it is a real savings, although no money actually changes hands.

  • Ra Cha Cha

    Looks awesome! The first floor there would be a great location for a Garbage Plate joint 🙂

  • jonny99

    How about getting KegWorks to move here from Military Rd, they have a cool store for general public and serve the bar&restaurant industry but their location blows. Cobblestone could be a cool spot for them as well.

    • TV62

      Unfortunately, KegWorks closed. They only do on-line sales now:

      • jonny99

        Too bad, probably because their location was not welcoming to the public

    • OldFirstWard

      The last thing they need is more beer. How about a nice bakery and deli. Or even a micro outlet grocery store. Something from Wegmans, Dashs, or Lexington Co-op. A new concept.

  • UrbanLove

    Gorgeous windows, great project

    • Bruce Beyer

      They cheaped out and mulled a 1/2 round radius to the top. Check out the windows around the corner at 688 Clinton St.

    • OldFirstWard

      Now if only they can restore that storefront from the building across the street with the blocked up front.

  • 300miles

    The transformation in the before and after photos really shows how full windows make an incredible improvement for the street. Great project!