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Big Deal: 185 Allen Street Sold

Cue the Hallelujah Chorus!

There is a new owner for Allentown’s largest head-scratcher: 185 Allen Street. The two-story building across from Towne Restaurant and next to Cantina Loco has been vacant for years. Its new owner, The Right Way Inc., is affiliated with Cantina Loco co-owner Jay Mackiewicz. The property sold for a whopping $740,000 today. Canadians Michael and Cecile Cramer were the sellers. Finally.

From Queenseyes’ post in July 2015:

I don’t know whether to laugh or cry regarding this one. For over a decade 185 Allen has been sitting vacant. The last tenant to occupy the space was Drool. Ack! This is one of the last holdouts when it comes to wasted opportunities. The storefront sits between Cantina Loco and Allen Burger Venture – two extremely successful businesses.

Over the years countless entrepreneurs have taken a whack at this property, trying to get return phone calls and straight stories. Maybe even a lease. In the end, they all came away frustrated with the handlings.

Says one local upon hearing the news, “That’s friggin’ unreal. Huge weight lifted in Allentown.”

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  • nick

    Wow! I never thought I’d see the day! Let’s hope something good fills the space!

  • Pattymac

    Did the owners ever pay a single fine for the graffiti etc. on the building as it sat empty? We need a vacancy tax in Buffalo to discourage this kind of speculation.

    • Wally Balls

      Did you ever offer to scrub it off?

      • Pattymac

        I’ve cleaned up lots of graffiti and other stuff on my street and in my neighborhood, and I’ve participated in many Allentown cleanup events. What a peculiar question.

        • Wally Balls

          The graffiti on the building that prompted you to say the owner needed to be taxed — did you clean that specific graffiti? “Grafitti and other stuff.” Could you be more specific on what the other stuff is?

          • eagercolin

            Maintaining the property is the owner’s responsibility. Someone doesn’t have to offer to do it for free in order to point that out, you fucking plank.

          • Wally Balls

            My argument is more with the ideology that we start applying taxes to things we disagree with, you internet tough guy. I don’t like your shoes, you should take better care of your appearance — 7.75%, please.

          • Matt Marcinkiewicz

            presumably trash. Took a lot of imagination to think up that possibility.

  • Ivan Putski Jr

    i heard Condom Sense is eyeing to reopen here

    • Jim

      Holy cow I remember that place was that on Elmwood in what is now a hairdresser or antique store?

  • benfranklin

    I realize it’s outdated, but full market value on the city website is 166k. $211 per sq. foot before renovation? Guess the seller knew what he was doing.

    • jdstrawser

      The price of the property (as with most in the area) increased almost by nearly 25% in under two years. The seller was very difficult to deal with, lived out of town and had little to no desire to rent the space. He offered low rent but refused to do any capital improvements on the building and left that to whomever wanted the space. I will say, the basement is completely renovated and in absolutely pristine shape; something that isn’t often seen in order Buffalo buildings. Happy to see it’s sold and excited for what it might bring to the neighborhood.

  • Bludog

    any idea what this means for the spot????

    • David

      Another bar of course.