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Today is the last day for Buffalo Infringement Festival proposals!

2017 marks the 13th year for the Buffalo Infringement Festival. If you have a proposal that you have been sitting on, or thinking about, the time is now to get it submitted.

BiF is broken into the following genres: Visual Art, Dance, Film/Video, Literary, Music, Street/Outdoor, Theatre–but no work is turned away for not falling neatly in a category.

To fill out the proposal for the 2017 Buffalo iNFRINGEMENT Festival, click here.

For eleven days and nights, from July 27 – August 6th, Buffalo will overflow with talented performers, musicians, and unique artists infringing everyday–and we want you to bring your creativity and weirdness to make it happen!

All proposals that adhere to the iNFRINGEMENT mandate will be accepted:

  • The infringement festival is free for all artists and activists to participate in. The festival will never charge a registration fee and participants will keep 100% of their box office.
  • The festival is open to all critical artists and will never discriminate, set entry criteria or censor.
  • The festival is run as a non-hierarchical arts democracy.
  • The festival will only accept ethical companies that pose no conflict of interest as sponsors, as the interests of the festival’s participants come before those of the sponsors.
  • The festival will encourage, although not be limited to, progressive acts that encourage discussion and oppose oppressive structures.

iNFRINGEMENT’s definition of “art” is as open as the rules for applying to participate—anyone who submits a proposal by the April 1st is included in the 2017 festival, provided the proposed work is both legal and physically possible. Artists pay no entry fee and keep 100% of any admission price they charge (up to $10). The festival asks only that they donate a few hours of volunteer time to the overall event. No single style or aesthetic predominates throughout the festival; some events are intended for mature audiences, while many are suitable for viewers of all ages.

*BiF organizers take no responsibility for the chaos of the world in this unluckiest 13th year.

Written by Buffalo Rising

Buffalo Rising

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