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Rare Mid-century Mini Sky Mansion, Yours For Just $950K

Spring is typically the hottest season for home sales, with a lot of new product coming on the market as people shake off the winter doldrums.  Not so in Buffalo these days. Looking through the multiple listings shows Buffalo’s market to be very tight with relatively skimpy inventory being offered.  This is especially true for higher end properties and certain neighborhoods like Emwood, Allentown, and Hertel which all remain super hot. Elmwood’s current median listing price is a scorching $484,500!

In this seller’s market it took a bit of searching to find a property worth talking about. An interesting residence that jumped out at me was this one at 751 West Ferry. The property for sale is one of the two ninth floor coop penthouse apartments that perch above the main roof line of this austere mid-century apartment block.

The word penthouse has been watered down in recent years as realtors use it to describe any top floor apartment.  This apartment, however, not only boasts a top floor pedigree, but is a penthouse in the truest sense of the word, occupying the roof top with three large terraces and 360 degree views of the city below.  There are only a small handful of apartments like this in the entire Buffalo area. You can live here in the sky with spectacular views in every direction and still have a yard right outside your door! If you get tired of your sky terrace you can also enjoy the beautiful hidden garden on terra firma behind the building.  All this can be yours if you have a spare million lying around.

The apartment boasts 2 bedrooms, 2 full baths and 1 half bath in 1,759 square feet.  I suspect that this floor area does not include the giant terraces which look like they may be bigger than the apartment itself. The 1948 vintage building has long been on of Buffalo’s premier addresses on this premier street.

Here is the realtor’s pitch:

Exquisite penthouse co-op with 360º views of the City, Canada and Niagara Falls. Three large terraces complement the gracious room sizes and condition of this exceptional apartment. Fully applianced updated kitchen with wood cabinets and white cabinetry. Guest suite has updated bath with walk-in shower. Hardwood floors throughout. An exciting opportunity to live in this Delaware District and Elmwood Village at Tudor Plaza. Walking distance to many shops and restaurants.


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  • jonny99

    what is really rare is a 2br 2ba condo aprox 1200sq ft for $300-400K, with 2 parking spaces and a storage facility. .

  • Michael Jarosz

    “Mid-century Mini Sky Mansion”

    Mid-century is a style.

    Being built in the 50s does not automatically make a property mid-century. Look
    at that dining room. Eames, Risom and Nelson would run screaming. The
    exterior of the building could be any one of a thousand similar utilitarian structures
    along Queens Boulevard. I will grant you that Buffalo does not have many high
    rise residential towers and that top floor residences with a view are a rarity
    here. But that, not mid-century design, is what is special here.

    This is mid-century modern:

    This is not:

    • Mytwocents

      They didn’t claim it was mid-century modern, they just said mid-century, which would be correct if it was built in the 50’s. Therefore, you’re wrong.

      • Bringing back Buffalo

        They were referencing “mid-century” as a style not a date, so therefor he or she is right.

        • Mytwocents

          False, show me the quote where it is referencing it as a style not a date. They only mention the words “mid-century” in the title, and you both are making an inference that they are referring to the style and not the period of construction. Take note that the word “modern” was not added onto that, which is almost always used when speaking of a “mid-century modern”.

          • Bringing back Buffalo

            It’s implied by the quotes (which have now been removed)

          • Mytwocents

            Oh how convenient, the quotes have since been “removed”

    • David A. Steele
  • geolemon

    A million for the laugh-worthy “before”, on any TV renovation show?

    There’s a difference between “period correct” and “badly needs updating”.

    Honestly admit it: your grandparents would even chuckle walking around, taking in that wallpaper, and that bathroom tile, saying things like “yeah, been a long time since I’ve seen that!”.

    • greenca

      The wallpaper needs to go. The bathroom tile should stay. It has a cool retro vibe to it.

      • geolemon

        Your point has merit for sure, for some properties – I just don’t see it for a million-dollar penthouse.

        For an architectural purist – for a million dollars that purist would buy a stand-alone home with many more details worth preserving.

        To me, this just has all the looks of a well-built, original penthouse that has been nicely cared for but never updated… very reminiscent of Grandma’s house, which isn’t what most young (and I simply mean “non-grandma”) buyers are looking for.

        But ultimately, the market will decide. I’d be interested to see how quickly (or slowly) it sells.

        • Eric

          The photos don’t quite capture the feel of this apartment. It does not feel grandmotherly… at all. The baths need some updating but the rest of the apartment has a classic, not a dated, feel. It is not and was not designed to be contemporary. The terraces have to be seen, on July 4th, to be believed. They are grand.

  • rubagreta

    The bathroom is cool (without the wallpaper on the ceiling).

  • Me

    Yikes. Would someone pay 1 mil for a gut job in Buffalo?

    • 300miles

      this apartment is far from needing a gut job. It just needs some cosmetic updates, as most places do.

      • Jordan Then

        Yeah…I’m pretty sure anyone paying $1,000,000 for a condo won’t mind throwing $10,000 at a painter to remove the wallpaper and paint all the rooms.

  • R L

    I love everything about it, especially the wallpaper! If I were in the market for something like this, I’d see if they would throw in the furniture, too.

  • Merle Gorko

    1700 sq ft is a mansion? Realtors really need to start reigning in this ridiculousness. It’s totally irresponsible to let the owners create irrational prices out of their a$$es. Yeah, I know that this would be very reasonably priced, a downright steal in NYC, Boston, Chicago, but we’re… still… Buffalo (and don’t give me the renaissance BS. Most urban areas are having similar upturns). These suckers paying $300k-$400k for very average borderline dumps is going to set up a BIG BIG real estate value crash here, sooner than later. So you buy one of these places then it’s “A new roof is going to cost how much??? Painting the exterior is what???” It’s simply insane.

  • OldFirstWard

    Will there be an estate sale? I’d love to have a look at the book collection.