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Author: Todd B.

Here’s a photo from last evening building at Chippewa and Pearl downtown – 392 Pearl Street (recently featured on BRO).

This is not on my usual route so I can’t say for sure what the whole project is here but it sure looks like somehow we still allow the idiocy that is Dryvit to be installed over an original facade, for what appears to be cosmetic reasons only. I wonder what trash heap they deposited the remnants of ornamental concrete caps the were formerly along the top of each “column.”  If there is no structural reason for this, is there any other reaction but “what the f$&k?”

I have no idea if the brick building has any historical significance or not, but trading an original, intact and unmolested brick facade for suburban sprawl 101 seems pretty stupid. I’m glad the owner is investing in the building, but what rock is he/she/they living under?

When you consider we as a community are both spending (or seeking to spend) millions to preserve our architectural heritage and discuss at length the character and fit of new buildings (Exhibit A: Gates Circle; Exhibit B: Elmwood & Bidwell), you have to wonder what the owner/developer/architect are thinking and who is watching the store at City Hall. Absolutely, stupendously amazing. 


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