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Musician, Nate Cronk, releases new song titled, “Come To Buffalo”

Announces crowdfunding campaign and call for citizen participation

On the heels of Buffalo celebrating 185 years of a rich history, and the long standing reputation of being the City of Good Neighbors, local musician, and benefactor, Nate Cronk has started unveiling his newest home-grown musical project. Buoyed by his success with his holiday song, “Christmas Lights,” accompanied with a visually stunning video featuring the unbeatable aesthetics of Canalside Buffalo as a winter playground, Cronk has chosen his next endeavor to show off the heart of the city, and why Buffalo has a reputation for being a welcoming community.

Cronk’s newest song, “Come To Buffalo,” has been designed with that very intent; to demonstrate the open hearts, unity, and generous spirit of the people in this region.

“We wanted to take that positive momentum from Christmas Lights, and turn it into something that meant more,” Cronk explains as part of his promotional video, “We wanted to reach out to our global, and local communities in a significant way.”

Jason Jurewicz, director of the Christmas Lights video is also teaming up with Cronk to bring his latest vision to life.

Jurewicz furthered Cronk’s sentiments, “People are people, everywhere, and nobody knows that like the people of Buffalo. As a city, if we could promote that idea, and help others feel welcomed here, that would be awesome.”

Video production began this past Sunday, and included Cronk, Jurewicz, and their volunteer production team traveling the region with a piano, making stops at the Naval and Military Park, Albright-Knox, Silo City, Wilkenson Point, as well as a “Come To Buffalo” sign campaign in Bidwell Park. Filming will resume on the weekend of April 29 – 30, and the team hopes to release the video in early June.

Since the song, and video theme is about Buffalo, the people who make the city, and surrounding regions a great place to call home, everyone is welcomed to participate in the creation of the video. Participants are asked to make a sign on a 20-inch by 6-inch piece of white posterboard or cardstock, and with a black marker write the words, “Come To Buffalo.” The video production crew does have some supplies to help people on-the-fly but those supplies are limited.

Filming locations will not be announced, but will again include a variety of iconic Buffalo landmarks, and recognizable locations.

To help with production costs, the team has started a fundraising campaign on Go Fund Me. That campaign can be found here:  They have also launched an informational website,, to help get the word out about what they’re working on, and hope to accomplish. Members of the production team are also currently working on a corporate outreach campaign in an effort to get businesses to back their efforts, and sponsor the video prior to release.

Cronk concluded by saying, “We want this song, and video to bring positive attention to our communities, showing that every kind of person is welcomed here in Buffalo, regardless of race, religion, gender, or orientation.”

You can find more information about Nate Cronk on his website at

Behind the scenes photography provided by Living In The Buff Studio.

Written by Paul Fanara

Paul Fanara

Paul Fanara is a photographer, writer, and artist living in Buffalo, New York. He founded Living In The Buff Studio as his photography label in 2007, after being an active photographer for over 20 years. Now, in his tenth year of professional photography, he has expanded his talents, and interests to include film-making, and acting. Paul is currently the event photographer for the Community in Buffalo, is an active journalist in Buffalo, and published monthly in Act Dance Model Sing Magazine, based in Los Angeles. Currently, he has joined local film makers with the 48-Hour Film Project, and now writes, directs, and acts with the Buffalo Filming Group, "Welcome to Lovejoy." Find him on-line at

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