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Freddies Doughnuts… Back in Buffalo?

Freddies Doughnuts (on Main Street at Michigan) was a longstanding tradition, and a rite of passage in Buffalo for years and years. It was sad when the day came that it was closed. It was even sadder when they demolished the building, which is still a a vacant lot today. Why do we demolish these buildings before we have figured out what the next best use for the land will be? (Park Lane Restaurant for example).

Well, we might have lost the Freddies building but it turns out that we didn’t lose the Freddies Doughnuts. A young entrepreneur by the name of Fred “Freddie” Frandina is bringing back the iconic Buffalo food favorite. But instead of opening a brick and mortar, he’s doing it on bike, Friday and Saturday mornings on Hertel and on Elmwood.

For those who might be a bit skeptical that this entrepreneurial effort won’t be able to recreate the famed doughnuts, it turns out that the “start-up” purchased the rights to the original Freddies Doughnuts, and yes, these are your favorite doughnuts. The only trick is that you’ll have to track them down to get them. That might not be such a bad thing after all, as you can walk or bike around in search of the doughnuts while burning some calories at the same time. Or you can simply #FindFreddie, or seek the business out on Facebook to pinpoint the current location.


Freddy believes in the City of Buffalo, its history, and its current revitalization.  He wanted to take this opportunity to re-birth the Buffalo icon, Freddies Doughnuts. His modern, fresh approach to marketing is not always readily understood by everyone, but once they see that the customer is honored by having the store ‘bike’ to them, then they understand the concept. The starting location of each sale day will vary, and will always be outside, where he positively interacts with his valued customers.

The doughnuts are all hand-made, and use fresh ingredients.  For instance, a blueberry pancake doughnut uses real blueberries, not flavoring.  They are quality products, and are made just an hour or two before they are boxed and out for sale.  Each bike ride sale day, the doughnut variety will vary. Sometimes there will be old classics, and sometimes there will be new flavors.  The ideas are always ‘now’.”

Freddie’s Doughnuts will expand, if the demand is there.  Judging by Day 1, opening day, the demand is there, as the doughnuts were sold out within 1/2 hour.  

The distinct Freddies Doughnuts will be doled out to Buffalonians by bike, starting the weekend of April 22.

Freddies Doughnuts handbills seen on Elmwood Avenue – photo by Suzanne Fitzery-Jaszcz

Written by queenseyes


Newell Nussbaumer is 'queenseyes' - Eyes of the Queen City and Founder of Buffalo Rising. Co-founder Elmwood Avenue Festival of the Arts. Co-founder Powder Keg Festival that built the world's largest ice maze (Guinness Book of World Records). Instigator behind Emerald Beach at the Erie Basin Marina. Co-created Flurrious! winter festival. Co-creator of Rusty Chain Beer. Instigator behind Saturday Artisan Market (SAM) at Canalside. Founder of The Peddler retro and vintage market. Instigator behind Liberty Hound @ Canalside. Throws The Witches Ball at The Hotel @ The Lafayette, and the Madd Tiki Winter Luau. Other projects: Navigetter.

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  • eagercolin

    “Why do we demolish these buildings before we have figured out what the next best use for the land will be?”

    Because “we” don’t own the buildings.

    • Johnny Pizza

      I might add a few more:
      1) Because it lowers the assessment and the taxes you owe on the property
      2) Because it lowers the insurance you must carry
      3) Because sometimes a vacant piece of land is more marketable than a building.
      4) Because of the maintenance costs of a building when you have no tenant.
      5) Because we are a capitalist society where property owners can freely do with their property as they wish, so long as its done legally.

      • eagercolin

        I’d actually be happy to see greater public control over economic development and an erosion of the inviolability of property rights. But none of that actually exists, and I’m always struck by how Newell (and many others) talk about things as if there’s some collective “we” that gets to decide things.

        • Johnny Pizza

          Really? I always took you as more a capitalist, free market guy. On that topic we disagree.

          • Matt Marcinkiewicz

            you’ve done a poor job reading his comments, then. His habitual EV-bashing is a bit of a red herring

      • Jordan Then

        Land Value Tax would solve some of those issues…or at least change the incentives.

        • Johnny Pizza

          Agreed it would solve some, but you have to keep in mind unintended consequences. Say the city puts a LVT in place. Surface parking lot prices skyrocket. Suddenly the big open suburbs with free parking make a lot more sense. That would work against the push for more urbanization.

          • Jordan Then

            Maybe for stand-alone ramps and lots, but that will push development on those lots.
            Lots and ramps associated with larger developments will be fine, as the property taxes on the primary buildings will fall precipitously.

      • JKR

        Land speculation. This region has a fun time with creating empty lots just for the region can just look at them. Some for generations.

  • eagercolin

    “and yes, these are your favorite doughnuts.”

    My favorite doughnuts are actually from Beechwood in St. Catharines.

    • Randy503

      Mine are Famous Doughnuts on Main Street. And Clarence Doughnuts out in the burbs, also on Main Street.

      • bburbs

        Eileens’ on Center Road in West Seneca.

    • armyof100clowns

      . . . and here I thought Newell was talking directly to me!

  • John Mullins

    “…you can walk or bike around in search of the doughnuts”. Or you can just go to Paula’s.

    • Abe

      Are we the only ones who can see this bike shit is the stupidest shit ever?

      • John Mullins

        Apparently, but if we dare criticize bicycles, we’ll be attached by angry hordes of snowflakes with facial hair and man buns.

        • armyof100clowns

          Somehow the typo and resulting image made me lose my appetite. I envisioned something like Kuato from Total Recall, except freakier and annoying.

          “Ride your bike, man. Free Buffalo . . .”

        • Johnny Pizza

          John if your generation is so great then why are we in the process of Making America Great Again? And aren’t you the first generation in American history who will hand off a worse economy to their children. Good work John!

          • John Mullins

            Uh oh! Looks like I’ve triggered a Snowflake. Hop on your mountain bike and pedal back to your safe space, man-bun. There may be gluten-free goodies there!@ Doughnuts even! You’ll be ok. Let the healing begin.

          • Mike S.

            I always find the snowflake comments comical as guys like you would never call someone that in person

          • John Mullins

            Oh, you don’t know me Mikey. And you just proved it.

          • Mike S.

            I don’t need to know you personally to know you’re all bluster. I have seen many guys like you get mopped up off the bar room floor for attempting such lip service. I know you would be very selective who you called a snowflake in person

  • Johnny Pizza

    “Freddies Doughuts… Back in Buffalo?”

    Five words Newell. Your article title is five words and you couldn’t spell check it?

  • Kevin Ryan

    It must be that time of the month ???

  • Parkwayguy

    How is he going to balance the giant sign?

  • Ivan Putski Jr

    are they going to have a gluten free donut option available?

  • Abe

    Is it just me or does anybody else think turning most famous doughnut place in buffalo history into a mobile bike store is the stupidest shit ever?

    • Mr. B

      Its just you.


    • East Auroran

      If he finds there’s a market, maybe a new brick-and-mortar retail store will follow. In the meantime, his overhead is low to non-existent while he gets his product established.

    • Abe

      Perhaps so, but why doesn’t he just use a foodcart and stay in one place? At least that way he’ll have established a location people will know. He’s not gonna make a lot of money if he’s only open two mornings a week and can’t even stay in the same place.

      • armyof100clowns

        My thoughts exactly.

        Now, if he was traveling around in a DeLorean that had been turned into a time machine and he could take me back to the original Freddies, you can bet your sweet patoot I would be going all Carmen Sandiego on his ass.

  • ShiftySixx

    I’m sick of the same old sh_t. You need to check out Fry Baby Donuts on Facebook or Instagram. Chocolate Peanut Butter donuts, Strawberry Balsamic Fritters, Cherry Cola Donuts, Pineapple Coconut, Raspberry Jalapeno. And guess what: they’re vegan and f_cking amazing.

    • Matt Marcinkiewicz

      raspberry jalapeno donuts…not sure that I’d like them, but I like that they exist

  • Abe

    I don’t see why they don’t just rebuild the location at 1655 Main Street. It’s historic, established, nostalgic, and people will already know where they are.

    • Ron Reinhardt

      I think the land where Freddie’s old buiding was is now owned by Nick Sinatra. Probably will be using the space for parking next to the warehouse that’s being renovated into lofts.

  • armyof100clowns

    Freddies was like crack. You could start to catch a whiff of the place all the way down by Record Theatre, resulting in a sudden zombie like stupor and excessive drooling not unlike Pavlov’s four legged friends.

    If the real Freddies would please stand up, please stand up, please stand up . . . I would become your willing thrall and allow your sweet deliciousness to guide me down the path to a diabetic coma!

  • Terrier1

    If he’s going to be on Elmwood on Saturday, why not the Bidwell Farmers Market? Butter Block does a booming business – he could too!

  • Mike S.

    Freddie’s Donuts 2.0 hipster style. If he can nail the peanut stick I will be a rabid fan

  • Mary Mantelli

    I have craved Freddie’s peanut sticks for the past 30 + years. If he has those and they taste right, I will be a huge fan!

  • Abe

    Do any of you realize most people don’t like to waste their precious Friday and Saturday mornings chasing a bike like a bunch of children?

  • East Auroran

    Looks as if a lot of people were interested and thought this was a good idea.