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Uber – Lloyd Taco Trucks On Demand

What does ridesharing have to do with tacos? Generally, not much. But today, anyone who has downloaded the Uber app can request to have a Lloyd truck deliver food right to your door (for a group of 20 people). The service begins today at 10am and ends at 2pm, so get ready to open the app and look for the Lloyd pop-up at the bottom of the screen. Remember, this is a lot of food, so be sure that you have a bunch of friends and co-workers who will be willing to share the feast. Other than that, below are some general questions, answered by Uber:

If I request the Lloyd option in the app, does that mean I will get food from Lloyd Taco Trucks?

Demand will be high, and though we’d love for everyone to be able to get food from Lloyd Taco Trucks, the availability is limited. Requests will be fulfilled on a first-come, first-serve basis. Only those who are successfully connected with a Lloyd vehicle from 10am to 2pm, while supplies last, will be brought food.

Am I guaranteed to get one of the green Lloyd trucks if I connect with a Lloyd vehicle through the app?

Not necessarily. We know demand will be high, so to reach more people, you’ll either be connected to a green truck, which will prepare your group’s food live, or you’ll be connected with a catering van, which will bring you a burrito platter.

If I connect with a truck, what kind of food will I be able to order?

If you connect with a truck, you will be able to order up to $15-worth of food off Lloyd’s standard taco truck menu. Tacos will include beef, pork, black bean, and chicken. Sides will include southwest potato salad and corn and bean salad. Those connected with a truck will also have the option of getting a Jarrito drink and Aztec Brownies.

If I connect with a catering van, what kind of food will I be able to order?

If you connect with a catering van, you will receive a platter, which will include 10 southwest potato salads, 10 corn and bean salads, 10 chicken burritos, 5 pork burritos, and 5 black bean burritos. Each burrito will come with rice and mild salsa.

Do I have to pay for this?

No! If you connect with a truck or van, you will get the food for free. Truck orders will be capped at a $15 value.

What if I am with fewer than 20 people?

You will be served even if you are with a group smaller than 20 people, but we encourage you to gather a group to enjoy all the food that Lloyd has to offer.

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