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Too Much Neon releases The Buffalo Effect | Teams up with BRO

Moving forward, Buffalo Rising will be teaming up with a relatively new professional podcasting business in Buffalo called Too Much Neon. The founder of Too Much Neon, Michelle Levitt, moved to Buffalo six years ago when her husband landed a job at the Buffalo Medical Campus. Previously, the couple lived in Missouri, where Michelle worked for Heil Sound, a microphone company, for twelve years. She still does some work for Heil Sound, remotely.

Upon celebrating Heil Sound’s 50th anniversary in business, Michelle decided that she wanted to start working on a podcast show. She soon realized that podcasting was not nearly as easy as it appeared to be. Between the equipment, the self coaching, the trails and errors, and other pitfalls, Michelle figured that there might actually be a spin-off business, producing professional podcasts for people, organizations, companies, etc.

Once she had settled into Buffalo, Michelle decided to lease a small studio space at D!G in the Innovation Center. Right off the bat, she began to work with clients from a number of industries, including law and accounting. She also began working on producing a podcast for the Medical Campus, among others. Finally, she decided that it was time to roll out her own show, called The Buffalo Effect.

The show was created to highlight interesting people doing cool things in Buffalo. We’re not selling anything, gossiping about anyone or trying to get sound bytes. With so many people from all walks of life contributing to the re-emergence of the Buffalo area, we thought it was high time to let them tell their stories. For this first episode we wanted the opportunity for our listeners to get to know us, the people that will be making this show: John Ceglia, Michelle Levitt, Bill Paterson, and Paul Spitale (lead image).

Stay tuned for upcoming episodes with: Stanton Hudson from the Theodore Roosevelt Inaugural Site, Frank Rossi who is a local acting coach better known for his role in White Men Can’t Jump (he’s a trip), and even some guys that have a little taco truck that you might have heard about called Lloyd. 

It was just last week that Buffalo Rising reached out to Michelle, to let her know that we were working on a show of our own (in conjunction with Buffalo Black Book) that would need some serious editing. Instead of making a show on the fly, Michelle suggested that there were better ways to get a more professionally edited podcast off the ground. So queenseyes sat down with Michelle to discuss striking up a relationship, which proved to be extremely fruitful. Not only will we be airing some of Too Much Neon’s syndicated programming, we will also be working with Michelle to launch the podcast collaborative between Buffalo Black Book and Buffalo Rising. That means that Elizabeth Siematkowski (BBB) and queenseyes (BRO) will be joining Michelle on an upcoming episode of The Buffalo Effect program (stay tuned). 

Michelle considers her studio to be part radio station, part recording studio, and part marketing firm. Today we are featuring her first podcast on The Buffalo Effect, which just hit the webwaves. “In a way, I’ve always been in this industry,” said Michelle. “By producing shows for others, soup to nuts, I am able to ensure that there is a professional quality when it comes to the shows that are broadcasted on Too Much Neon. Coming up with content is usually the easiest part for people… making it sound good is an entirely different story.”

We hope that you enjoy the first The Buffalo Effect show, and we look forward to featuring a number of other syndicated shows in the near future.
Open Episode 00: Meet The Buffalo Effect

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