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‘Roc N’ B & Friends’ Expands to Buffalo

A Rochester television program geared towards elementary school children is making its way onto the Buffalo airwaves. Titled Roc N’ B & Friends, the broadcast is said to be loaded with “…adventure, educational content, local references, and more than a touch of off-kilter humor.”

The “Tall Tales of Roc N’ B,” serves as the show’s centerpiece and presents regionally-inspired fictional tales that highlight the show’s namesakes, Roc and B who are named after Rochester and Buffalo, respectively.

The 30 minute segmented show is presented in three acts where ‘zany’ puppets explore their surroundings, which might include a pile of socks or a lawnmower. The antics of the puppets turns these everyday items into objects of interest, in which the children engage and learn about. There are skits, along with lively music to keep attentions from wandering. 

Interspersed throughout the madcap skits are short documentaries. Until now, the content was directed solely at Rochester. Moving forward, there will be Buffalo highlights included. Roc N’ B & Friends is the only children’s show that is produced in WNY. Buffalo is lucky to not only have a role in the formations of the show (via the character ‘B’), but is also fortunate to be officially included in the action moving forward.

The show is produced by Buffalo native A. A. Augustine, who is familiar with the region. Augustine, who has a decade of experience producing kid’s shows in LA, has joined together with Nancy J. Pigno, a Rochester teacher and writer. Since the start, the two knew that they wanted to include Buffalo as part of the show. For that reason alone, speaking for Buffalo Rising readers, we would like to say how excited we are to be included in the formatting of the show moving forward. 

Roc N’ B & Friends airs twice every weekend on NBC’s COZI-TV & WBXZ’s Throwback Television. The show will air on Saturdays at 11am on WBXZ’s Throwback Television and on Sundays at 9am on COZI-TV beginning on April, 1.

Saturdays at 11am on WBXZ’s Throwback TV – “Over-the-Air” Ch. 56.4 & Dish & Direct TV

Sundays at 9am on NBC’s COZI-TV “Over-the-Air” Channel 56.1 & Dish & Direct TV

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