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Nicke City Renegade Rollergirls looks to form a Jr League

Roller derby skating is all the rage in Buffalo these days, as it is throughout the country. In Buffalo, the sport has really taken off. One of the biggest advocates for growing the sport is Psyko Kupkake, who runs the squad Nickel City Renegade Rollergirls (learn more). When Psyko first moved back to Buffalo from San Diego, she got right to work organizing her club at Skateland on East Ferry (near Main Street).

Since that time, the team has been growing, exactly the way that she had initially planned. Today, Renegade Rollergirls is comprised of a healthy number of skaters, 34 to be exact. That’s a pretty good number, considering that the league in Buffalo is still relatively new… and there’s another league in town that draws skaters who are interested in a different type of play. The Renegade Rollergirls is fast paced, full contact, and no penalty action.

Now that the focal part of the league is well on its way, Psyko is setting out to attract a younger generation of skaters. How is she doing this? She’s tapping into Girl Scout Troops all over the city. “If it generates enough interest we will start training Jr’s this summer,” said Psyko. Starting with basic skating skills and working up from there.”

A few days ago, the Renegade Rollergirls hosted Girl Scout Troop #31055 at their Monday night practice. It turned out to be quite a magical experience, according to Psyko. “They put on skates and got to skate around with their own personal derby girl as a spotter/coach. Then we played some derby related games with the scouts off skates… we had races, where they got to pick a derby girl and push her around the track racing with the other scouts… and we let them run and hit our practice pad and knock our girls over. All in all it was a successful evening!”

After the introduction to the world of roller skating, Psyko invited some members of the troop to catch some more action, to show the girls what roller derby is all about. “The other night we we had 11+ scouts who watched us scrimmage,” Psyko mentioned. “We want to offer this to other city troops, as we’d like to get kids interested in skating, with our long term goal being a junior team. Starting girls young in an alternative sport builds self esteem.

Jr’s skate training will be available to everyone (over 9). I encourage parents to contact me now so we can plan our summer classes (open to everyone). Right now we’re working with the troops and school groups, until the end of the school season. But everyone is welcome to contact the Renegade Rollergirls for scheduling and additional info by emailing”

*Single skaters can sign up now but skaters won’t start working with them until summer.

Find the Nickel City Renegade Rollergirls on Facebook

Nickel City Renegade Rollergirls 2017 Skate-A-thon Fundraiser

Sunday, April 2, 2017

11 AM – 2 PM

New Skateland Arena | 33 E Ferry Street | Buffalo, New York 14209

See Facebook event

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