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Free Tours on the EM Cotter Fireboat during the NCAA Basketball Tournament

It’s not often that the EM Cotter fireboat is open for tours. For those not familiar with the fireboat, it is currently the world’s oldest active fireboat, which is quite an achievement when you stop to think about it. The EM Cotter has come to be a symbol of this city’s waterfront – its resilience and its rebirth.

The EM Cotter is tucked back, just out of view from passersby, located at 155 Ohio Street at Michigan Avenue, which is why so few people are familiar with its berth, though they might see it out on the water when there is a summer festival underway. 

During the upcoming NCAA Basketball Tournament, The Fireboat E.M. Cotter Conservancy, Inc. will be offering free tours on the historic floating landmark. A volunteer crew will lead the tours of the fireboat, which is now a National Historic Monument. 

Free Tours on the EM Cotter Fireboat during the NCAA Basketball Tournament

The fireboat E.M. Cotter Conservancy, Inc. and participating partners

Fireboat E.M. Cotter to be open for FREE tours on March 16 – 18, from 10:00am to 4:00pm.

The home of the cotter is located just around the corner from the arena. Be sure to stop by one of the neighboring restaurants before or after the tour – Ballyhoo, Swannie House, The Seneca Casino, Lockhouse Distillery, Gene McCarthy’s and Old First Ward Brewing, Tewksbury Lodge and Restaurant, and The Barrel Factory.

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Buffalo Rising

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  • Flyguy2pt0

    Great idea! Good gesture, tourist friendly. The EM Cotter could certainly be more front and center if the rear end of the DL&W Terminal were converted to house a relocated Buffalo Fire Museum. Its a perfect pairing.

  • John Sarratori

    Nice, I’ll be checking this out. It may not have visibility from the street, but gets plenty of visibility from everyone using the bike path behind the DL&W terminal and the kayaks going by all summer.

  • John

    Can I take UBER to get there?

  • Paul B

    I take preservation with a grain of salt, it is needed and good, but sometimes preservationist can get carried away with it. Akin to hoarders saving stuff.

    But should the day come (and it will) where preservation of the “world’s oldest” in service fireboat is needed. Count me onboard, pun intended.

    Preservation worthy on it’s own, and still contributing to society: it’s a win win.
    I wish preservation could have kept the perfectly fine steam pumps at the Col. Ward station on line.