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Coming Soon: Healthy Scratch Food Truck

Jessie and Kelly Pegula, owners of The Healthy Scratch at Canalside, have announced that they will be joining the food truck scene. The Healthy Scratch, located at The Shops at HarborCenter, is known for its health conscious meals and drinks. Now the sisters will be taking the concept out on the road. 

“We couldn’t be more excited about launching this next phase for The Healthy Scratch,” Jessie and Kelly said in a joint statement. “The food truck is a perfect fit for our customers and is another way for us to cater to their healthy active lifestyles. Going into the spring and summer, we will have the opportunity to expand our footprint across Western New York with the addition of our food truck.”

Since opening last October, The Healthy Scratch has been enjoying a good run, serving up fresh cold-pressed juices, fresh blended smoothies, wraps, acai bowls, salads, etc. The Healthy Scratch food truck will be delivering the same sort of menu items, seven days a week. Fans of The Healthy Scratch can book the food truck for private parties or events. The truck will also be making stops at events and hotspots throughout the city.

Visit The Healthy Scratch online at

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  • Good luck. Best way to get your word out is Larkinville, of course.
    Not sure how well business is in the HarborCenter building, but considering on any given summer lunch-time afternoon how “busy” the other businesses are, I can’t see it doing too well unless the word gets out more. It kind of quietly replaced that Modern Nostalgia place early last fall.

    • OldFirstWard

      I don’t think the children of a billionaire need advice on how to compete in the food truck industry. There’s probably enough butt kissers running around doing that already. Though I feel for the struggling, debt-ridden food truck vendors who work tirelessly morning till night providing a high quality product without the benefit of promotion from this site.

  • Wally Balls

    If this truck is anything like 716 or their OneBuffalo clothing line, expect over priced crap.

    • JRyan154

      716 is great for what it is; a sports bar. There’s TV’s everywhere you look playing any game you could possibly want, a great atmosphere, and the food is pretty decent.

      I just looked at the menu again, and I don’t really know what you consider to be overpriced. The burgers and sandwiches range from $12-15, apps/finger foods $9-12, pizza $10-13, dinners $14-28, minus the Ribeye which is $36. If that’s expensive to you, then we have very different ideas of what is a reasonable price for food at a restaurant.

      I don’t know what the prices are or quality is of the OneBuffalo stuff, but I think that the logo looks like it was made by a 7th grader using Microsoft Paint for the first time. It’s a cool marketing idea, but everything about it outside of that has been pretty lazy and poorly executed.

      • Wally Balls

        Its a TGI Fridays in disguise. Service is atrocious and the quality of the food is overpriced. You have to look deeper than what the menu says. For what you receive, its overpriced crap. I eat at SEAR, I eat at Tempo and Hutches. I don’t have a problem paying for a nice meal; what I am saying is what you pay for and what you receive @ 716 are two different ends of the spectrum. As far as their clothing line, its a $70 hooded sweatshirt sold at any Wegmans, with what I would agree, is a rather elementary design.