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Buffalo March for Science in Delaware Park

To disregard scientific facts in order to fulfill one’s special interest directive is not acceptable in this day and age. Science has proved to be the allie of humankind, and without it we would be lost.

Science, technology, education, and healthcare must be regulated for the public interest, requiring open, inclusive, and accessible science.

Can you imagine a world without science? Or access to technological advancements that benefit us all on a daily basis? It’s absurd to think that we might actually have to protect ourselves from those who would want to limit our access regarding scientific truths and advancements that we have come to rely upon.

The Buffalo March for Science is a diverse nonpartisan volunteer group of scientists, educators, parents, and Western New Yorkers dedicated to advancing science that serves the public.

On Earth day, April 22, The Buffalo March for Science will commence, to coincide with the Scientists’ March on Washington. Marchers and ralliers will convene on Soldier’s Circle starting at 1pm. From there, participants will follow Lincoln Parkway all the way to Delaware Park, where they will enter into rally mode, which will culminate with a Science Festival (vendor space still available). 

Buffalo joins the National March for Science in DC to protect our health, education, and safety.

Where would Buffalo be without science? Think of the Medical Campus, and our higher educational institutions that champion the advancements of scientific research and exploration as it relates to people and the planet.

The Buffalo March for Science stands for robustly funded diverse scientific enterprises serving the public and evidence based policy.

Publically funded projects and databases must be an open book, available for everyone, and subject to scientific discovery. When it comes to our health, and our education, science should play a significant role, as it has in our recent past. 

Buffalo March for Science in Delaware Park

Earth day, April 22, 2017 | Starting at 1pm at Soldiers Circle

Support the cause by purchasing a Buffalo March for Science T-shirt

Support the march by making a donation

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