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Big Reveal: The Forge on Broadway

One of the largest neighborhood-ready sites close to downtown has caught the eye of a development team. Stuart Alexander and Associates, SCG Development and Rhonda Ricks are proposing a multi-phase, mixed-use development for the former Buffalo Forge site at Broadway and Mortimer Street. The Buffalo News had the big scoop today.

The attractive project would include 185 apartments and retail space. Residential units would be a mix of affordable and market-rate apartments. The first building would wrap around a covered parking area with a garden and green space area on top creating a central courtyard.

Building height would be predominantly two and three stories, though the portion fronting Broadway would be four-stories, too tall for the Elmwood Village. Future phases include upgrades to a park at Broadway and Spring Street, more residential units, and, based upon demand, additional commercial space. The property fronts both Broadway and Sycamore Street.

The Buffalo Forge site has been vacant for over a decade. In 2006, current owner Howden Buffalo applied for and received permission to demolish the factory covering a full city block along Broadway, Sycamore, Spring and Mortimer streets due to unsafe conditions and structural problems. The development team has the property under contract adding to a stretch of Broadway that has seen a number of redevelopment projects take hold in recent years.

Stuart Alexander and Associates was formed in 1976 and has created a portfolio of over $100 million in development and construction with 2,000 units of high quality, affordable and market rate housing. The firm is currently redeveloping the former School 59 at the corner of Best and Fillmore into 26 apartments.

SCG Development is a leader in the multifamily investment industry with a particular focus on affordable housing and investments benefiting from Low-Income Housing Tax Credits. Since 2007, Stratford Capital Group has successfully underwritten, sponsored and syndicated private equity in 177 multifamily rental apartment properties totaling approximately 21,000 apartment units in 33 states with a capitalized value of approximately $3 billion.

Renderings from The Buffalo News

Written by Buffalo Rising

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  • SpongebobOnYoShirt-Lookin Boy

    Looks fantastic for the the area

  • Mr. B

    ” . . . though the portion fronting Broadway would be four-stories, too tall for the Elmwood Village.”



    • Bringing back Buffalo

      Thought the exact same thing!

      • Parkwayguy

        It takes a village…

        • OldFirstWard

          …to raise a millennial.

          • john

            Millennials are gonna outlive grumpy old bastards like yourself OFW, and God forbid the city doesn’t have to look like a replica of 1950, or even 1980 for that matter…

          • Cvepo

            Pretty sure millennials aren’t the reason Buffalo is about 10-15 years behind the rest of the country in many ways. After all, it wasn’t the millennials who white-flighted away.

          • BuffaloGals

            OH SH*T SICK BURN!!!!

    • OldFirstWard

      Because some people actually care about what gets built in their neighborhood, while others, could care less.

  • BuffalosFinest

    You know where this would look great? The corner of Elmwood and Forest

    • Jim

      C’mon you know we can’t allow ‘skyscrapers’ on Elmwood it will ruin the character of the village.

    • OldFirstWard

      You mean Grant and Forest.

  • UrbanLove

    Good form, throw-away construction materials.

  • Randy503

    Glad to see development moving eastward. I always thought that Broadway-Fillmore would be a perfect place for senior living. We need low and middle income housing for seniors, and at B-F, they can walk to many places they need, or take a bus.

    • Bringing back Buffalo

      …..or get robbed.

      • Mr. B

        “…..or get robbed.”

        ‘Cause there’s never any crime anywhere else in Buffalo . . .


        • Flyguy2pt0

          It comes down to odds and per capita incidents. Some areas are just safer and much less drama than others like it or not. The east side has deservedly earned a negative reputation due to this. The way to fix it is to stop the BS and violence over there. That takes a culture and economic shift. Problem is I dont know what comes first, changing the culture or changing the economy because when you have generational poverty and a high prevalence of educational drop outs or criminal backgrounds (not the minor offenses) its kind of hard to just jump into the workforce and be hireable.

        • Bringing back Buffalo

          I’m not sure what you’re trying to say.

  • Johnny Pizza

    To Buffalo residents: Shhhhhhhhhhhhh just let it happen. Enough said.

    • Matt Gracie

      Most of the loud voices that argue against construction projects like this DGAF if it happens east of Main Street.

  • jonny99

    it could be argued that retail has more potential in this area than Canalside or even Elmwood because the residents are less mobile and more apt to support neighborhood shopping. Convenience focused shopping like a food market, and stores for household items, dry cleaner and laundry service, Verizon store, optical, pharmacy .

    • Bringing back Buffalo

      This area is super poor. There’s no economic data to back up your claim.

      • jonny99

        That is exactly why retail will work, the lack of mobility means essential services and retail can work, I’m not talking lulu lemon and Hugo boss here.

        • Bringing back Buffalo

          What then, a CVS and Cricket? Lol

  • Matt Gracie

    Good to see Broadway getting some love. Maybe the next step will be doing something useful with the Broadway barn and the Lyceum next door to hook into the development on Michigan.