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905 Elmwood Welcomes First Tenants

The bar for modern residential in the Elmwood Village has risen a bit as Ellicott Development’s newest project – 905 Elmwood – has begun welcoming its first tenants. The prime Elmwood location, formerly the site of a corner gas station, is just about complete in its transformation into a four story, 44,000 sq. ft. mixed-use complex. The development has both a sizeable restaurant and retail space and is topped by 21 high-end apartments.

Residential units are between one and three bedrooms and come in twelve different layouts ranging in size from 1,000 to 1,600 sq. ft.. Floor to ceiling windows in most of the units (not pictured) combine with soaring 11 foot ceilings and large living areas to provide an expansive modern dwelling.

The buildings’ best apartments are located on the top floor, with several units featuring large rooftop terraces and views just high enough to provide vistas over the surrounding Elmwood Village neighborhood. Other unit features include balconies, in-unit laundry, dishwashers, and higher end fixtures and finishes. Dedicated parking is located behind the building.

Down at the base of the development, local restauranteurs Henry Gorino and Chuck Mauro are far along in the process of building out an expansive 5,000 sq. ft. first floor restaurant space which includes a 1,200 sq.ft. indoor/outdoor dining space on the second floor. Neo Gift Studio recently moved into the 1,500 sq. ft. corner retail space from their old space at 512 Elmwood.

Kideney Architects designed the project and Concept Construction is the general contractor.

Also in the Ellicott construction pipeline is former School 56, located a short walk from 905 Elmwood at 722 West Delevan. A partnership between Ellicott and Sinatra & Company will see the complex become 27 apartments and commercial space. The project is on schedule for tenants to begin moving in in the spring.

All photos by Ellicott Development.

Get Connected: Ellicott Development, 716.854.0060

Written by Tim Scanlon

Real estate and design nerd.

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  • Texpat

    I think I know where I want to live. Beautiful space

  • harlan

    Beautiful, they should replicate projects like this all along Elmwood.

    • Jim

      they cant it ‘violates’ the green code…

      • harlan

        Green code is crap. It tries to turn Buffalo into Farnham just to please a bunch of tired old liberal nimbys

        • Jim

          you got that right..there is nothing green about limiting building height to three stories. If fact I would argue it is anti-green as it encourages sprawl.

          • Johnny Pizza

            That’s right, its probably the most anti-urban zoning policy in the nation among cities. It represents the backwards minds of those who pushed it (namely EV residents).

        • J. Wilcox Drake

          Thank you for the smile of the day! My mother grew up in Farnham many years ago (seriously).

    • OldFirstWard

      There’s some nice empty lots up by Hertel.

      • Johnny Pizza

        I wish more attention was paid to Hertel with projects like these to help boost the value of my home but even we have our obstructionist NIMBY’s. Like the ones who talked a big game about buying the worthless North Park Library but when time came to write a check to stop the development Benderson planned every closed their mouths real quick.
        Goes to show you how little these people actually contribute to the neighborhood.

      • robert biniszkiewicz

        If you’re referring to the lots @ Hertel/Elmwood, good luck obtaining any of those lots. Frank Deni is holding out for large retail developments, period. He won’t work with real estate brokers and he won’t sell. Otherwise, to what other ‘nice empty lots’ are you referring?

  • Wally Balls

    That is really nice. What kind of restaurant is it going to be?

    • jonny99

      Wood oven pizza and Italian like Siena

  • Bludog

    Awesome, now we just need these annoying old school elmwood villagers to let Ciminelli build something…These types of builds will attract people with money who want to live in the area but not spend time on upkeep of a house etc…

    • Matthew Moje

      If anything I like Ciminelli design better than this one… build it 5 stories tall!

    • armyof100clowns

      On two occasions I have been asked to help prospective physicians and their families with information about, including housing, the city. After sending them a cross section of available homes, lofts, and condos, and passing on information about the city and its neighborhoods, I was asked if there were new builds, townhouses, or more condos available for purchase. I let them know that I am not a real estate agent and that they would be best served by someone in the industry. They said they wanted to live in the city and be close to work, but didn’t want the headache of maintenance and upkeep a historic home comes with. They were also disappointed with the available condos.

      I later found out that one family bought a townhouse in Amherst and the other opted not to come to Buffalo (partially due to housing – but schools were a factor as well).

      Developments like this are wanted and needed. A lot of people are not cut out for nor do not want the responsibility of old home ownership. Many, who may be coming from other cities/metro areas, are used to and desire townhomes, condos, or new builds/fully renovated homes. The more variety we have in our housing stock, the more attractive we will be to people from outside the area who may be considering Buffalo for relocation.

      • 300miles

        You say “developments like this are what is needed” yet your 2 examples are people looking for condos. All these developments are rental apartments. So even if everything on Elmwood was torn down and replaced with these new luxury apartments, your friends would still not be living here.

        • armyof100clowns

          Re-reading my post I see that I was not quite clear with the point I was trying to make, which I attempted to sum up in the final paragraph that you quoted. I am quite clear on the fact these apartments are not condos. The point I was trying to make is that a variety of housing stock – not just historic single families, loft conversions, or the ubiquitous upper/lower duplexes – is needed to make the city a desirable and attractive place for people to live. We need more condos. We need townhouses. We need modern homes and new builds.

          Adding modern rentals (something I should have included in my original post) allows out-of-towners a place to rent as they acclimate themselves to Buffalo and hunt for a permanent home (the family that ultimately chose not to come to Buffalo said they were looking to rent before buying). These types of places may not be my cup o’ tea, but they do appeal to certain people who will go where they can find them.

          On a side note, it’s a bit dishonest of you to try and invalidate my contribution to the discussion by conflating my support of “developments like this” with tearing down everything on Elmwood. For one thing, this project replaced a gas station. A historic structure or building of notable architectural value was not sacrificed to make way for this place; unless, of course, you believe the gas station contributed to the aesthetic of Elmwood. Also, where in this particular post, or even in the history of my posts on BRO, have I established myself as an advocate for demolition?

          Finally – the definition of these folks I tried to assist as “my friends” is also inaccurate. These people were, and continue to be, strangers, outside of the brief telephone and email discussions I had with them. Was your intention to connote that I am a conspirator with “evil outside forces” that intend to rape and pillage our beautiful city with their unwanted skills, money, and integration into our local culture? That I am plotting to open the doors to the barbarians at the gate that intend to burn the city to the ground and replace it with superhighways, international chain stores, and new builds of glass, concrete, and steel?

          Your posts are usually some of the more well thought out ones on the site. Even when I don’t agree with you, for the most part, I understand your point of view and the sincerity with which you express it. In this case, I’m not seeing it, and it seems a bit below you.

    • HousingBubble2

      Great location, you can walk to ETS and Panos!

  • jtown

    Nooooo its four stories! This offends the character of the Elmwood village and it does not suit my personal tastes! Where is Rep. Sean Ryan to draw up a sketch of what he wants! Save us!!!

    • Merle Gorko

      Done before the green code dumb a$$

      • SpongebobOnYoShirt-Lookin Boy

        He’s being sarcastic

    • OldFirstWard

      Actually the apartments are quite sterile and bland. It looks like low budget gallery space. It’s very cold and uninviting. White walls and black ceilings? Even a monk would feel institutionalized. Elmwood does not need to look like this.

  • FreedomCM

    Do bedrooms not have to have windows in Buffalo?

    I know that some loft spaces have high ‘windows’ or vent spaces into the main windowed front of the loft, but in this building it appears that some of the bedrooms have no light/ventilation?

  • Guile

    Anyone know the purpose of having those bars covering the balconies? Interesting look from the street, but imagine it would be preferable to the condo owner not have an obstructed view.

    • Mrjones

      They provide some privacy. It’s an optical illusion. From the street at an angle they look dense and obstruct views in. From the balconies themselves though its really not constricting and you can see out more then you would think. Plus they provide some shading.

  • Johnny Pizza

    But its so out of scale and character with the upscale neighborhood around it.

    • eagercolin

      It’s not an upscale neighborhood! It’s a neighborhood full of gritty artist types who are somehow diverse despite despite being overwhelmingly white! They just happen to live in big expensive houses and hold well paying professional jobs, as gritty artist types so often do.

      • Johnny Pizza

        Agreed I was being sarcastic. Generally the person screaming “I’M UNIQUE” is most uninspiring wet towel that exists.

        • armyof100clowns

          If you need to say it, you ain’t it.

  • BuffaLife

    I’m having a real hard time getting excited about Carl Paladino’s projects lately.

    • HousingBubble2

      Whatever architect he is using is throwing up all kinds of weird designs. There is no continuity in the city.

  • Sue2525

    Well, the white interior is ugly as sin. The celinings in the photo…is it not complete? What are the big ugly pipes in the ceiling. Will they be covered?

    • Randy503

      No, of course not. When you leave an apartment unfinished, with exposed ducts and concrete floors, you can call it a a”loft” and charge more.

      • Johnny Pizza

        I personally like that look, it makes the room feel much larger. Especially compared to four boring vanilla walls and the generic early 1900’s molding that everyone has in most Buffalo homes. To each their own on that one.

  • Me

    Looks great. First modern looking apts Ive seen in Buffalo.

  • Vandra

    Love it!

  • mightyNiagara

    meh. bet rent is absurd.

    • BeatHarvard

      cool. good thing you’re not their target market.

      • mightyNiagara

        yea. me too! who wants to live in a building! yuck. super isolated in little prefab cells. never see any neighbors, or know those who are in your neighborhood.

  • Say goodbye to these types of projects under the height limitations of the Green Code.

    • OldFirstWard

      Only on certain sections of very few streets. Get a hold of yourself.

  • EZ Liv’in

    Where are all the people coming from to rent all these places not just talking about this one? Or are we now just shuffling the deck? Renter moving from one new place to another every few years since the price is the same but its new?

  • HousingBubble2

    and how much are these renting for? The exterior of this building is ugly, black brick ? Come on. None of it blends in with the urban fabric and charm of the Elmwood village. Sure I’d rather have it than the gas station but a nice brown type building would be better suited.

    Elmwood Ave is slowly turning into Williamsville.