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3rd Annual Rock A Mile In Her Shoes

Hey fellas, when was the last time that you rocked a pair of stilettos? No, we’re not talking about knives here, we’re talking about shoes! In order to grasp the plight of women who have suffered from sexual violence, band members will be walking the extra mile to raise awareness for an issue that still affects one in five women. By walking the extra mile, we mean performing in women’s high heel shoes. Aside from looking out of the norm, band members will undoubtedly remember the occasion, as they attempt to nurse their feet back to health following the show.

This is a benefit show to raise money and awareness for the Crisis Services Advocate Program, which provides free and confidential response and support for survivors of sexual and domestic violence-24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Of course wearing a woman’s uncomfortable shoe is by no means similar to the pain and anguish experienced at the hands of a sexual predator. This is mostly symbolic, although there is still plenty of pain felt, as the toes get scrunched uncomfortably together while performing a lively set on stage. Not to mention the wobbly nature of the situation, and the ankle’s brazen struggle to not buckle under the pressure.

Men are encouraged to attend the show in heels to show support and solidarity for survivors of sexual and domestic violence.

On Wednesday, April 5, come cheer on these brave souls as they take to the stage donning heals. What better venue could you ask for than Babeville?

3rd Annual Rock A Mile In Her Shoes 2017

Wednesday, April 5, 2017

7 PM – 12 AM

Pre-sale tickets $10

Pre-sale tickets can be purchased at Babeville’s box office (M-F 10am-5pm) or here

Tickets @ door $12

Babeville | 341 Delaware Avenue | Buffalo, New York 14202

See Facebook event

This year’s lineup is:

Del Paxton

The Slums (very nice boys. ex Malones & Arctic Death)


MORBS (featuring members of Green Slime & Sun Black Smoke)
This will be MORBS CD release show!

Erica Wolfling (she has the voice of an angel)

Written by Buffalo Rising

Buffalo Rising

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  • Snowbeltguy

    Why anyone, male or female would wear high heals is beyond me.
    Beyond that however, the “one in five” women have been the victim of sexual violence doesn’t match the department of justice numbers which claim 321,500 victims annually. That is less than one tenth of one percent of women per year. If you figure 40 years or so in the likely age range for sexual assault, that is still less than 8%.
    Eight percent of women experiencing sexual assault is a horrific number, but exaggerating the number of victims only gives ammunition to those idiots that would argue that the problem is overblown.

    • eagercolin

      Your math is off. 320K victims is .002 of American women every year. I’m also not sure why you would limit sexual assault to only a 40 year range.

      • Snowbeltguy

        I stand corrected… two tenths of one percent. There is also flaw in calculating the totals because less than half of Americans fall into the demographic where the vast majority of female sexual assaults take place. The real total is probably closer to 13 or 14% based on the population distribution of the different age groups.
        The numbers still fall far short of the 20% mentioned in this article and the 25% claimed on my campus.
        I stand my point that this problem needs to be addressed, but putting out disputed data does not help the cause. We need to better educate our young men to counteract those in the popular culture that advocate violence towards women particulary in song. We must also insure that women feel free and unembarrased to report sexual assaults immediately therebye increasing the chances of convicting the assailant.
        I don’t think walking around in high heals will do much to reduce the rate of sexual assaults, though it may make some feel better about themselves.