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“Time to boycott vacations to the U.S.”

We’re betting that the headline above is something that you never would have expected to see printed in the Toronto Star, but sure enough, there it is in plain sight. Trump’s travel ban inspired the sentiment of course, which is too bad because just as Buffalo is becoming a desirable place for Torontonians to visit… this happens.

It’s not a terrible sacrifice. Wait four years. We can hope the Trump presidency will then be over. The Grand Canyon will still be there. The Golden Gate Bridge. Mount Rushmore. Disney World. They’ll all be there. And with any luck, the Statue of Liberty will still be there too.

Not to say that all Torontonians will heed the message posted in the opinion page, but it’s the point that counts. One must wonder how Canadians are viewing the US, overall. Obviously the US and Canada enjoy a friendly relationship. At the same time , it’s not as if this city is overrun by Canadians, unless you consider the malls.

We are all familiar with the impact that is caused by the travel ban – we hear the various stories everyday on the news. So is it a surprise to hear sentiments of this nature from our closest ally, our border country to the north? Or do you think that Buffalo will ride out the storm, as we have in recent years.

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