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Pierce Arrow Burger Bar

Author: Peter A.

While out for lunch yesterday with a friend I happened upon a restaurant that serves a most AMAZING burger, and other good food too. The restaurant is Pierce Arrow Burger Bar on Elmwood.

As it was our first time there, we split an order of onion rings (home made and very good with a buttermilk coating….not quite as good as the peppery ones at The Place but very good none the less) along with a Spicy Chicken on a Biscuit (kudos for the house made spicy habanero aioli… yum) and their Manny Cruz burger; latter two served with fries. The Manny Cruz burger is made from Chorizo and beef blend and was easily the best burger I’ve had in years… even better than the burger from Roost when they had their Asian themed menu. Moist, tasty and simply great.

Their fries, while not made in house, were the best Chef Alex, formerly of Rue Franklin, and the staff enjoyed over a 4 month tasting trial. Visually their exterior reminded us a bit of polenta fries as did their initial crunch all with a meaty interior. I asked for some mayo after the burger was served, my usual go to condiment, and was served a trio of different house made aiolis. To be honest, not what I was thinking and wondered about them. The server was quite willing to bring out some regular mayo but I opted to keep them to try. And I’m glad I did… the burger turned out to be great without any additional topping…. borderline heresy if you ask me, but I went with it. The various aiolis were great for dipping the fries into, and were a nice addition. 

[Our server] suggested the deep fried Oreos cooked within spring roll “skins” for $2.

Near the end of the meal, Chef Alex stopped by the table and introduced himself and we had an enjoyable chat about him and the restaurant. As we talked, he suggested the deep fried Oreos cooked within spring roll “skins” for $2. Not only were they good but they were so good we ordered another serving as we had originally split the first order. The plate came with a dollop of house made chocolate mouse (HUH!?!?) along with the requisite powered sugar and chocolate strips . For $2!!! Alex mentioned that within a few weeks they were going to have a full bar featuring locally made whiskeys. Gotta love it! 

The exterior of the restaurant, along with the exterior deck could use some TLC – I hope it doesn’t turn out to be a detriment as the place has so many great things going for it. 

Pierce Arrow Burger Bar | 1680 Elmwood Avenue | Buffalo NY | 716-248-2262 | Facebook | Lunch – Dinner

Images: PABB Facebook

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