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Nonexistent and Deteriorating Lighting Conditions on Buffalo’s Major Highways

Author: Scott S.

Buffalo professes itself to be the City of Light, but compared to most other cities it is the city of dark.  Overhead lighting on many key highways is either nonexistent or in need of major repair.  Why is there no highway lighting on I-90, 290 or 990?  Why is the lighting on Route 33 in such bad disrepair – often for years?  Why does it only run from downtown to I-90 and not to the airport, the expressway’s terminus? Who is responsible for its maintenance?  The state of our major highways, especially the quality of lighting, makes us look like a third world country compared to most US cities.

The Kensington Expressway, I-190, though some recent improvements have been made.  On I-90, I-290, I-990, and Routes 219 and 400, no highway lighting even exists.

Particularly on the Kensington Expressway, the lighting is in need of significant repair, with entire stretches of the highway dark at night. This is the main travel route from the airport to downtown. the condition of the lighting on this road portrays an image of disrepair and reflects very poorly on the city. Lighting on portions of I-190 have recently been improved, but the project remains unfinished and with varying light standards in use.  The other highways mentioned have no lighting at all.

Lead image: Alvimann

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