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Ellicott Development Details 500 Pearl Changes

Ellicott Development’s revised design for 500 Pearl Street will be reviewed by the Planning Board on February 13. While work is underway on the mixed-use complex, Ellicott is seeking approval for changes to the new 12-story portion of the complex fronting Franklin Street.

Approved Design

Proposed Re-Design

From the Planning Board submittal:

Since the above referenced Planning Board approval, the progression of design documents has resulted in a few modifications to the exterior of the proposed building. As originally presented, the proposed structure boasts an edgy, modern exterior with a range of materials including precast concrete, smooth and perforated metal panel systems and glass. The proposed facade will screen the lower levels of the building to effectively conceal the structured parking within. Open terraces and curtain wall glass dominate the upper floors dedicated to the office, residential and hotel uses. The modifications are as follows:

l) First, the Ground Floor ceiling height has been noticeably increased and now ranges from 15′ -17′ in height.

2) Second, varying levels of reflectivity have been introduced in a randomized pattern to the curtain wall glazing on the upper floors of the building in order to create a contrast across the lengthy facade. This, in effect, will increase the visual interest of the curtain wall system.

3) Third, the quantity and detailing of the metal screen cladding over the precast parking structure has been modified as follows:

a. The horizontal banding at the northwest and southwest corners of the building will now incorporate both a perforated and non-perforated textured metal screening as illustrated. The metal finish color will be identical between the perforated and non-perforated panels creating a subtle banding effect.

b. Individual metal screen panels have been introduced across the precast parking facade on the west elevation to further break up and add dimension to the facade. The random panel placement mimics the effect of the varying reflectivity on the curtain wall glazing system of the upper floors as discussed in #2 above.

c. The vertical metal screen features situated over the pedestrian entrances on Franklin and West Tupper have been modified from a “wave” pattern to a “stepped” flat panel pattern. The change in pattern draws from the added individual screen panels discussed above. The individual screen panels will appear to collect and further extrude from the facade over the pedestrian entryways as a visual aid in marking those entry locations.

4) Lastly, three of five original metal panel clad ribs have been eliminated on the west elevation of the parking structure. The color on the remaining metal panel clad ribs has been changed to white for consistency with the upper floors.

500 Pearl Street will contain 11,000 sq.ft. of retail and restaurant space, 380 parking spaces on the first six levels, 35,000 sq.ft. of office space on the seventh floor, 28 apartments on floors eight and nine, and a 110-room hotel on the top three levels.

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