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Ciminelli Real Estate Corporation Open to Additional Feedback on Reverie Project

Ciminelli Real Estate Corporation is encouraging additional public feedback on its proposed Elmwood Avenue Reverie project.  It is part of the project’s ongoing public outreach effort, which began roughly 18-months ago.  Ciminelli is moving forward with Reverie while refining its plan for Arbor, a five-story building proposed at Elmwood and Bidwell Parkway.

The company continues to receive inquiries from those in favor of the project—including many BRO readers—regarding how they can get involved in making their support known.  The Ciminelli Real Estate team suggests that those individuals looking to actively support the project or offer feedback can reach out through the development website contact page at

Ciminelli Welcomes Supports and Those Interested in Learning More to Contact Them.

The Ciminelli team has thus far met with over 260 stakeholders in more than 45 meetings, and maintained an open dialogue with the community throughout the community engagement process.

The company has also acknowledged that the mix of feedback has been constructive, impactful to project evolution, and very focused on the context of the Elmwood neighborhood, as well as on certain aspects of Green Code compliance.  Those comments received that have not been in favor of the project proposal have predominantly focused on the appropriateness of the design and scale in relation to the Elmwood Bidwell area. Ciminelli officials and the architects at HHL remain committed to accumulating public feedback as part of the development process.

Reverie, a four-story mixed-use building, will be built to include significant additional retail space, residential units, and many additional parking spaces. The building will be comprised of traditional materials, such as brick, to ensure Reverie evokes the context of the neighborhood.  Ciminelli has been closely following the updated Green Code to ensure project alignment with such code evolution.

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Buffalo Rising

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  • OldFirstWard

    “The company continues to receive inquiries from those in favor of the project—including many BRO readers—regarding how they can get involved in making their support known.”

    They must really be desperate if they’re soliciting supporters (agitators). Curious how BRO decides that its wing of leftist radical readers are the only supporters. Looks like a page out of the CNN and Democrat playbook.

    My advice to Ciminelli, pack up and leave the Elmwood Village. Take your ugly project someplace else.

    • PaulBuffalo

      ‘Curious how BRO decides that its wing of leftist radical readers….’

      We have radical weekly meetings at an undisclosed location. Sorry, you don’t have the credentials to be invited. Bring cake, though, and we’ll let you in.

      • PaulBuffalo

        Aw, no deal. You’ll miss out on a great evening. Our guest speaker will be Wolf Blitzer. He’ll be reading the page of that playbook you mentioned.

        • armyof100clowns

          OFW can’t make it – as a charter member of NAMBLA he does not want to break his 30 year streak of never missing a meeting.

    • S Mills

      Well, i’m one Elmwood resident in favor of the project however i’d rather not deal with the passive aggressive nature of the obstructionists opposing this development so maybe alternative means of outreach is a good idea.

      • MrGreenJeans

        Assigning a mental illness, such as the “passive-aggressive” label to people who don’t adhere to one’s own opinion, is a passive-aggressive maneuver in itself. ….

        Around and around the carousel spins, while nobody catches the brass ring….. Debate on this forum is like stirring sh*t in the toilet, without ever flushing.

    • Texpat

      What a strange world we live in when pro development persons are leftist and liberal? Or maybe I should say what a strange world you live in. It doesn’t sound like you live in the real world. You’ve been reading too much Breitbart

      • That’s probably THE most ridiculous thing I read all week too. I thought pro-development was a conservative thing (although I’m pro Development and the farthest thing from it). Radical leftist? Give me a break.

      • Captain Picard

        Good comment.

    • Johnny Pizza

      Unfortunately the generally younger population who support this project are working during the time the public hearings are held. This is evident in the pictures of the public hearing for this project. Its all white hairs. White hairs who are too stuck in their ways to see the world changing around them. To blind to see that the only reason their home value doubled in the past 10 years was due to the influx in interest in the EV by the Millennial population.

      That’s okay though, the time of the white hairs is fading. Tick tock tick tock.

      • 300miles

        “Unfortunately the generally younger population who support this project are working during the time the public hearings are held.”

        The meeting was at 6:00 pm on a Thursday. That’s about as accessible to most people’s work schedules as they could possibly be. It may be a good project, but I’m calling BS on the constant argument that people can’t get to the meetings because they work. I work, and I skipped dinner to attend the meeting. If more younger people aren’t attending, it’s because they’re not interested in attending.

        • Sean Flury

          Yeah sorry there was a DSA meeting that night, couldn’t make it.

        • Johnny Pizza

          I’m referring to the 2:00 p.m. Preservation Board meeting where the demolition request was tabled.

        • Farras09

          Some people have to work at 6:00 PM on Thursdays. I frequently get stuck at the office until 6:00 PM. I’m not saying its keeping everyone from attending but it can certainly limit attendance to a degree.

          • 300miles

            Which is why I wrote “accessible to most work schedules as they could possibly be” There is no time that will be good for everyone, but a meeting that starts at 6:00 and ends at 8:00 is going to allow the most people to go. You could have left the office at 6:00 and got there by 6:30 to catch most of the meeting and provide your comments at the end.

          • Farras09

            A larger percentage of older people attend these meetings because more of them are retired, have had their children move out of their homes, and generally have fewer obligations going on than working individuals who often have to work long hours and have children to take care of.

            As for the 6:00 pm comment I often work well past 6 depending on what is going on. A lot of people do. I am in a part time MBA program. Most of the individuals within the program are around my age (late 20s early 30s) and most of them frequently have to work long overtime hours so this is not limited to just my company.

            I am not implying that there is a perfect time for individuals to meet. I am trying to explain the relatively small turnout to these meetings by younger individuals. I am specifically addressing your original comment “If more younger people aren’t attending, it’s because they’re not interested in attending.” I do not think this is completely the case.

      • emerald

        It is the people you want to die, myself included, who have brought EV back from a time when no one thought it was a wonderful place to live. We stuck it out. I wonder if the younger generation has the ability to even maintain what we have developed? Frankly, I think not.

        • HousingBubble2

          Correct, and now its overpriced and over populated with hipster college kids renting our rooms and barfing on the side of the street until the weeeeeeee hours of the morning. The neighborhood is ruined. How many FRO/YO places have to open and close. Is there even a nice store to buy clothes. How about an Apple store at least. Its just a couple of tables, no over head!

        • jonny99

          “I wonder if the younger generation has the ability to even maintain what we have developed? Frankly, I think not.”
          They do not want to just maintain it, they want to take it to the next level, Big projects at Childrens Hospital site, Bidwell and Elmwood/Forest and the Richardson site will make this part of the city a booming tax creating dense urban attraction. It could rival Boston’s Backbay or Chicago’s Lincoln Square with a great mix of national and local shops and restaurants, major cultural attractions, offices, hotels and residential. It call all be done without looking like a downtown of high rises and surface lots. Wake up, this is really great for current homeowners and future young families that want to live and pay taxes in the city.

      • HousingBubble2

        Come on, you know dam well the younger population is marching somewhere during business hours and throwing rocks ! No one likes hipsters anymore, the fad is dead as disco – get with it Chochi!

        • Johnny Pizza

          Almost every single business that has opened in the city recently is for and by those who you could consider “hipsters”.
          Why do you think places like Lloyd are growing? Who do you think is renting out those 12 person drinking bikes on the weekends? Who do you think goes to Canalside the most? Heck they just opened an axe throwing bar. Do you think that was for 60 year old city residents who’ve been here for 30 years? Or was it for the beard wielding, flannel wearing hipsters? The hipster “fad” isn’t dead. The hipster fad has taken over so much that pretty much everything is hipster now.

    • Josh Robinson

      You really do an excellent job of conflating development news with your own personal, conservative viewpoints. Not everything is a “leftist radical” conspiracy, and people’s support or opposition to this project does not seem strongly correlated with their political leanings.

      If anything, this is more a case of aesthetics, and those who wish to preserve the Elmwood Village as-is versus those who want to allow upscale new development. This is not really a liberal vs conservative issue.

    • HousingBubble2

      Agreed! Elmwood village is, in fact, becoming too commercialized. The draw was the charm and peace of the residential neighborhood. Pretty soon Elmwood Ave will feel like Transit road. The place is already too loud and chaotic. It’s a strip filled with pizza places, bars and mobile phone stores. Its not an upscale neighborhood, except for the price of the homes! Its is now just a big Chippewah street.

      • Mytwocents

        A commercial strip becoming too commercialized? hmm.. “pretty soon Elmwood Ave will feel like transit” How can you even compare the two? “The place is already too loud and chaotic” You’re in the city, some bustling is a good sign. Your whole post is laughable.

        • HousingBubble2

          You liberal left wing radical extremists always bite when it comes to the EV! Thank you for providing me with so much entertainment. But really, it’s one street. There is really nothing upscale for the price of the real estate.

          How about developing some other areas of town, like Hertel or Niagara st., MAIN ST.

          These neighborhoods need to be more walkable are are great places to live!

          • Mytwocents

            Please don’t assume my political alignment. “There is really nothing upscale for the price of the real estate. How about developing some other areas of town, like Hertel or Niagara St. Main St.” I agree, more development in those areas would be great, however this is a free market. Someone looking to develop land would want to look in the area where the most profit can be made first. With EV having some of the most expensive real estate prices in the city, it’s a natural choice to develop here first. Cost of building supplies are the same wherever you build, and rents here can be charged at a higher rate, it’s simple really. After EV is all built up, the developers will have to move to these other areas of the city. Which by the way, has already begun… And as for your comments regarding the bustling and college degenerates, you’re going to get those negatives in any city in the world. No matter how beautiful, or well planned, you’ll get your drunks, you’ll get homeless, and again, the bustling should not be seen as a bad thing.

          • Johnny Pizza

            Well get to going on it then. As you point out there is a great opportunity in those neighborhoods. Don’t tell everyone else how they should invest their hard earned money when you having nothing invested yourself.
            But now I’m remembering you’ve told me that you own houses in EV. If you do you better be selling them, after all you know everything is overpriced and why wouldn’t you take advantage of overpriced homes if you can get so much money for them? Then you can take your profits and go invest in those other neighborhoods and show everyone else how its done!

          • HousingBubble2

            Thanks for the advice! Let’s meet at the axe bar tonight. Throw some axes, drink some craft beers and discuss it more. I really need your input !!

        • HousingBubble2

          The bustling is all located on one street. How about developing other parts of town. Not everyone wants to listen to shopping carts and college kids barfing on the street to the wee hours of the morning. This was once a nice residential neighborhood.

      • jonny99

        “It’s a strip filled with pizza places, bars and mobile phone stores”.. well then here is a plan to bring in condos and upscale retail to spruce up the scene a little bit.

      • BuffalosFinest

        Please move

      • Johnny Pizza

        “Pretty soon Elmwood Ave will feel like Transit road.” – Except Transit Road is a 4-6 lane, 45 mph roadway that crosses through numerous towns and is entirely suburban style retail/commercial buildings and Elmwood is a 30 mph 2 lane city street with sidewalks and for the most part includes built-to-curb retail stores.

        “Its is now just a big Chippewah street.” – Except that Chippewa is an entirely commercial strip surrounded by 90% commercial uses and Elmwood is surrounded almost entirely by residential uses.

        • HousingBubble2

          It was not meant to be taken literally hipster; where you go to college pal?

          The assumption here is that the street is crowded, loud and the charm of a pleasant neighborhood has now vanished.

      • BuffaloGals

        Hahahah “nowhere to park” yet “it will feel like Transit road”.

  • OldFirstWard

    This just in, more fake news:

    “Ciminelli has been closely following the updated Green Code to ensure project alignment with such code evolution.”

    So the Ciminelli four-story revised rendering is in alignment with three-story Green Code for this neighborhood?

    • Johnny Pizza

      No you’ve got it wrong. A 3 story maximum height for new buildings is not in alignment with the words “urban” or “density” or “city”, which I regret to inform you, is where this project is located.

      • emerald

        We spent hours and hours working

        • Johnny Pizza

          Thanks for making this post so easy for me.

          “Minicozzi was skeptical of building height or width limitations suggested by Elmwood Village residents seeking to restrict new building forms. He pointed to the variation and evolution of existing buildings and reiterated the need to “grow what is working.” Further, when asked why developers don’t look to other neighborhoods that need investment, Minicozzi explained that developers will not initiate the kind of projects proposed for the Elmwood Village in other Buffalo neighborhoods until those areas have the public infrastructure and other amenities to foster complete walkable neighborhoods.”

          • emerald

            Thank you for making this easy. The experts disowned Buffalo..we made EV without experts, without city/state money..sweat equity, loans, and hard work…they didn’t help then, they are not helpful now.

          • Johnny Pizza

            Well I don’t know what your comment is supposed to mean, how does an expert “disown” the city? They were paid to come here and present and analyze our city/county. They presented their findings based on research they’ve done for dozens of cities and projects across the country. You are basically saying here “I don’t care what all the evidence suggests, I believe what I believe based on nothing.”
            You sound like Trump “I know more about ISIS than the generals”
            Okay. Good to know the fate of our city rested in the hands of those who choose willful ignorance.

          • jonny99

            Elmwood is full of storefronts that are tired and shotty looking. The rents are high but the commercial spaces are rundown so tenants often do not make it. The population is flat because there are no modern living spaces so new money cannot help retail and restaurants. Folks that are against new dense projects really have to step back and take a different look, the district is regressing, housing stock is in need of updating but at the sale prices no buyers will have equity to make the updates. The EV is in need of this new investment.

          • MrGreenJeans

            The rents are only as “high” as the market will bear (why would an owner let his place remain empty?) and the 14222 and 14213 populations are far from “flat” – they increase constantly – but with a definite trend away from a ‘White’ majority. (14213 is now less than 50% white, when it was close to 90% White in the 1990 Census. )

            Anyone can look that up in the Census Bureau’s stats, which are online.

            “Density” (a Jane Jacobs ideal, based on her limited contact with reality outside of her Greenwich Village haven) , on the other hand, makes sense only if there’s an efficient, frequent public transit service in place – Buffalo (and every other American city), hasn’t had such a service for about 70 years, when the streetcar network began to be ripped out. That happened everywhere, as Americans embraced automobiles & made almost any sacrifice to keep the damned things. The touting of Buffalo’s ostensibly “walkable” areas is another hollow fact – yes, you can physically walk around on Buffalo’s sidewalks, but few neighborhoods have any remaining corner stores, corner bars, grocers, hardware stores, etc. You can walk, but there ain’t many destinations.

  • Timothy Sick

    I’ve lived in the Elmwood Village for 16 plus years and i’m in support of the project, I think it reminds me of the handsome part of Genesee Street. Can some of these folks that only want to complain, start putting some of their own money up so we can comment about their work?

    • UrbanLove

      what a shortsighted comment to think that people a) don’t have a right to an opinion or (even more off base) b) that they aren’t already invested in the neighborhood and you aren’t already seeing the results of their investment. Frankly, if it were bad, there has been, likely, a lot of feedback.

      • LongGoneeee

        It’s not a shortsighted comment. The idea that proximity to something implies some form of ownership is faulty logic. Sadly, that’s what many people cling to in parts of Buffalo. The right to an opinion does not stem from proximity. Rather the right to an opinion really should only come from subjecting yourself to the same rules you wind to bind others to.

        So it’s absolutely valid to take the position that if you want to have a say in others projects that you are not the developer or owner…then you yourself should be subject to the same process.

        Sadly, many people want a double standard. So calling out this double standard is 100% valid.

      • Johnny Pizza

        Nobody said you don’t have a right to an opinion, they are saying that your personal opinion (along with that of others) can not be the sole deciding factor in a legally binding decision.

  • Ivan Putski Jr

    oh no not this again. i thought they squashed this deal

  • BuffalosFinest

    I have been a EV resident for 4 years now and I am in support of this project. People are acting like Ellicott’s 500 Pearl project is being proposed here…or even their Delavan project which I think is better than what stood there but is too dark and block-ish…but that’s another story. This project is vibrant and does a great job blending old with new. This should go forward and anyone who is opposed to it needs to wake up and smell the roses…times are changing. This is the new Buffalo…we are trying to grow…not stay stuck in the quicksand.

  • Grfn74

    I live and own in the EV. I support this project. People I speak with in the neighborhood think it’s quite a nice proposal. It’s a vocal minority opposing, well, everything.

  • Johnny Pizza

    Commenters on BRO articles on things going on in other cities – “Look at what this city did!! We need to be more like other cities!!!! Why can’t any of our local developers do what other cities are doing?!?!”

    Commenters on BRO articles on proposals for projects you’d find in other cities – “Stop trying to change us, we are unique and have neighborhood charm!!! We don’t want to be Anytown, USA!! What would Olmsted do?!?!”

  • emerald

    I am amazed when the “young” people who want this project say they want it so they too can live in the EV…laughable. If you can’t afford it now, these will be WAY out of your range. They are not middle class affordable apartments. to give you an idea, the Chasen condos are going to be 750,000-1million…these developers are not worried about what young people want. This will be apartments rented by a select group…

    • HousingBubble2

      Don’t worry, they will cram 12 hipsters/unit with a german shepherd, get drunk and puke on the street to the weeeeee hours of the morning. The people who work live in the lofts downtown.

      • Johnny Pizza

        Wait…………………………….. adults go out and get drunk still? What is this, every period of human history ever?

    • UrbanLove