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Bring on the Breezy Burritos!

Mexican food in Buffalo has become the newest rage. No matter where you are, it’s pretty easy to find some solid Mexican food. One of the latest burrito joints to open in the city is Breezy Burrito Co., located at EXPO Market. The first time that I stopped over to Breezy, it was about 2pm. I walked over to the counter, smiled and asked the owner, Briana “Bri” Rose Hunter, to make me the best burrito on the planet. “Sorry, we’re all out of everything,” she said [pointing at the empty canisters in front of her]. “It was a madhouse… there were people lined up all the way around to the stairs.”

I tried to hide my look of disappointment, but apparently I did not do a good job. She assured me that there would be more the next time around, and they were still getting their food orders to jibe with the demand. “The response so far has been great,” Bri mentioned. “It has been an incredibly exciting and a busy time opening up my first business. We knew going into this that Mexican food would work at EXPO Market, but we were amazed by the customer turn out during our first few days. Although we carefully planned and prepared for our opening, we underestimated the demand for our style of food in Downtown Buffalo. People were buying it quicker than we could cook it.”

At first, when she told me that they had run out of food, I immediately thought that they had been overly cautious with their ordering, figuring that the demand would grow as word of mouth hit the street. In hindsight, there is no way that she could have known that there would be such an immediate demand for her food. “We sold over 200 burritos our first day of being open, and that doesn’t even include orders for our tacos, burrito bowls, and taco salads,” Bri explained. “We introduced a Tex-Mex Tempeh on our menu as our vegetarian option and its popularity has been surprising.”

It didn’t take long for Bri to get into the groove of things. The next time that I stopped in (around the same time), she was prepared to make me a giant burrito. It started with the slow braised beef, and ended with a dollop of sour cream. In-between I picked and pointed to everything that looked good… and it all looked good. In the end, she could barely wrap the shell around the ingredients, which is exactly how I wanted it. Not since Chipotle had I seen anything of this nature – I couldn’t wait to get it back to the table to dig in. My friends all felt the same way about their own concoctions, which were being prepared as I stood by patiently waiting.

As Bri made the rest of the order, we continued to chat, and she explained that she had gotten the system under control, and customers were coming back for more (always a sign that you’re on the right track). “Even though it’s only been two weeks we are now into a good groove,” she said. “I’ve spent a lot of time carefully hammering out all of the tiny details, and the team I have working with me really made the vision I had of Breezy Burrito Co. come together.”

Our meals all tasted as good as they looked – eating my giant burrito, I was left feeling with a sensation that I wanted to try more of the offerings that I had not had a chance to taste – the ground beef, the chicken and the tempeh beans and rice. They all sounded so good… sometimes there’s nothing like a supersized burrito to get you through the day, topped with plenty of hotsauce and jalapeños of course. Breezy Burrito Co. is the perfect addition to the EXPO food court. The next time I roll in, I’m going to take my meal over to the GBGB bar and eat it while sipping on a margarita. Now what could be better than that? Oh, if you’re not in the mood for a cocktail, they also sell a nice cold bottle of Mexican Coke. Perfect!

Breezy Burrito Co. | 617 Main Street | Buffalo, New York | Opens 11am | Closes around 9pm | Facebook

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