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American Theatre Wing Documentary on Buffalo’s Curtain Up!

What does theater mean to Buffalo? In order to answer that, we might want to take a closer look at one particular event – Curtain Up! Curtain up! marks the arrival of the theater season in this city. It is a celebration like no other, and tends to rally the city into a frenzy by creating a live city wide showcase of the hottest acts in town.

With three acts – cocktails, performances and a free street party – Curtain Up! has become a symbol of this city’s rebirth. Actually, Curtain Up! could actually be contributed to helping to hold this city together during a time of crisis.

The question is, “Do you really know what Curtain Up! is, and how it got its start?” No? Well, let us tell you that it is absolutely fascinating… a true blue Buffalo tale of adversity and the ability of the community to not only overcome the adversity, but to reach new levels of pride, wonder and economic fortitude … all based around the magical world of theater.

Here to tell you this tale, in vivid color and splashing sound is American Theatre Wing and Full Circle Studios, as they present the heartfelt documentary of Buffalo’s Curtain Up! Here is Buffalo, as you have never seen it before:

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