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5th Annual Burtfest 2017

Burtfest is heading back to The Showplace Theatre in 2017. Once again, this is going to be an action packed day, featuring a wide array of music acts. From hell-raising, un-apologetic, dirty, sexy, Rock & Roll, to goth, punk, metal and hardcore, indie, garage and the like – if any of that sounds appealing to you, then you’re in luck. 

Burtfest takes place in the recently restored Showplace Theatre, which is a fantastic setting to watch these types of fast paced bands. There’s plenty of room to dance, thrash, watch or whatever.

FTMP Events presents:

BurtFest 2017
“FTMP Events’ 5 Year Anniversary”

Featuring: Crooked Gener8ion, As Summer Dies, Gods Creatures, So Far So Good, The Second String, Exham Priory, The Rifts, Improbable CausePA Line, The Odds Are, The Good Neighbors, Orange Friction, Bighorn Sheep, THE NIGH, & Slaves To Sound

Burtfest 2017

Sunday, February 26th
Doors at 2:00 pm
$10 presale, $15 at the door
$25 VIP Tickets also available
Ages 18+ (ID Required / Strictly Enforced)


Showplace Theater Of Buffalo
1065 Grant St
Buffalo, NY 14207

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Burtfest 2017 music lineup:

Crooked Gener8ion :

Get your pirate hats ready and your sexy pink wigs on! Crooked Gener8ion are here to pound your airwaves with some old-fashioined, authentic, bloody-knuckled, trouble-making, hell-raising, un-apologetic, dirty, sexy, Rock & Roll! Buffalo’s young rockers will win your hearts & your underpants when they swoon you in before spitting you out for more coffee and bad chewing gum. Get into it, be your own rock star, stay fabulous, & always be Crooked!

As Summer Dies :

As Summer Dies combines elements of goth, punk, metal and hardcore to create something truly unique. Starting well over 10 years ago, they’ve toured with some names you’ve dreamed of even meeting, gotten signed to Dirtbag Records alongside Sponsorship deals and distribution through Hot Topic, & plenty more. But these guys have always stayed humble as well. Staying true to their Buffalo roots, ASD are still mainstays in our local music scene. Don’t miss your chance to be part of their ever evolving history!

Gods Creatures :

Gods Creatures rose from the ashes of disbanded 716 Hard Rock/Metal bands and have come back with a vengeance. Some of your favorite musicians are hitting the stage once again! Check out Scott J, Dan B, Justin T., & Louis K. killing it with an unsurpassed energy. They are packed full of powerful guitar hooks, syrupy smooth vocals, and massive power surges. As a fan sums it up “Your music is so heavy that it has crushed my skull. But I like it. Rock On!”

So Far So Good :

Influenced by 90’s rock and a love of late night mischief, pop-rock group So Far So Good banded together after an inspiring shift at T.G.I. Friday’s. Losing their heads, the artists’ defiantly stole a defaced sign from the restroom door to claim as their logo. So Far So Good made their debut in 2009 after gaining the attention of award-winning record producer Armand Petri but after a few unfortunate tragedies their future was unclear. After some time off & a new line up they were able to regroup & hopped back into the scene stronger than ever! From stealing signs to stealing the spotlight, the band continues to climb towards success, attaining a career that is So Far So Good.

The Second String :

More than Pop Punk, The Second String bring together years of experienced players into a pop foray of sweet soaring vocals and rocking compositions. They’ve quickly been gaining a local following and are just releasing their debut EP “Six Ways To Sunday” which is sure to turn heads all over. Quality, love, and hard work are putting The Second String on the map so be sure to rock out with these guys as they are on their way up!

Exham Priory :

“Beer, beer, beer, one more beer. Walking around in underpants, that may or may not belong to us, does anyone have a taco to share, we believe in the eventual rise of the dark overlord, wait how’d that get in there, what’s your favorite scary movie, fire, fire, fire, do you got any lemonade, and you don’t f* with magical trevor. Rock and F’n Roll.” ~ Exham Priory

The Rifts :

The Rifts are a band that blends together an array of Alternative/Garage Rock. They got their start in Fredonia but are now based soley out of right here in Buffalo, NY! Featuring a variety of players that have spent years playing around town in other projects, these guys bring it all together with high energy and sweet sweet melodies. With influences ranging from The Doors to Led Zeppelin & Foo Fighters “If you haven’t seen this band play live then do it. The growth of The Rifts will be something that the Buffalo music scene cannot hide from.” ~ All WNY Radio

Improbable Cause :

Straight out of South Buffalo/Orchard Park, Improbable Cause is a five piece power-punk band that hate their moms just as much as a teenage drama queen when she doesn’t get a car at her Sweet Sixteen. * Just kidding. Improbable Cause plays alternative rock at its finest. Their lyrics melt in your mind, not in your hand. Get swept up in Kristen’s sweet vocals, Dominic’s bizarre energy, or possibly even those sweet & sultry rhythm lines. With an emphasis on “Improbable”, they take all of their different backgrounds and make them one, as they aim to leave your mind confused and wanting more.

PA Line :

The sound of PA Line proves that in the current musical world of repetition and catchy leads, music can still hit you in the heart. By combining dedication and raw talent, lead vocalist/guitarist/percussionist Trever Stribing and vocalist/bassist Lucas Honig have created a unique brand of alternative folk music influenced by artists ranging from Mumford and Sons to Sly & the Family Stone. Their high-energy creations have received recognition around the country and in the UK. They currently have two albums—Liar and Breathe—and are starting to record a third. Stribing and Honig have been playing music together for almost a decade; their parallel drive and catchy rhythms are something you’ll never forget.

The Odds Are :

“Dear Potential Fan, If you so choose to invite us into your eardrums, we thank you and promise not to disappoint. Our music is a delicate blend of soaring vocals, tasty guitar riffs, funky bass lines and fat beats. Oh, and of course a chicky, chicky, chank or two. We hope to get some toes tapping, bodies moving and minds racing. Maybe join us live for some extra fun sometime? We wholeheartedly hope that you enjoy our material just as much as we enjoy creating it. Please join us on our ongoing musical endeavors and journey of our band. Who knows, maybe with a little luck we can beat…well, you know.” ~ The Odds Are

The Good Neighbors :

What if your neighbors were an awesome Indie/Rock band? Like, a really good one! Well, as the name suggests, The Good Neighbors are who everyone should stop over and get to know! Their combination of smooth vocals over funky, fun tracks cause their originals to wiggle their way right into your brain. And, they usually always toss in a song or two that you know and love along the way as well! So get to know your new neighbors, as they say “We like music. Like us if you do to. You can even love us if you want.”

Orange Friction :

Orange Friction are kids who mean business. This five piece Alternative/Blues Rock band plays original songs along with some covers from your favorite artists. And they have it down! From performance to techniques to a good attitude & plenty of good memories to go around. These guys just love being in a band but are quickly gathering attention around town for the music they’ve been creating. So you better start howling for more Orange Friction now before they start taking off and hitting the big time!

Bighorn Sheep :

Bighorn Sheep is a collective of musicians from the Buffalo, NY area who like to have a good time! It can be as simple as that, or it can be as complicated as their self appointed genre “Grind Punk Prog Polka Easy Listening Metal”. You never know what’s going to show up on that stage when you’re at a Bighorn Sheep show, but you always know it’s going to rock! So, dust off that viking helmet and grow out your muttonchops while you stroodle like a noodle. Or, just get some beers and some buds and enjoy some great music performed by great people!

The Nigh :

THE NIGH are everything you could ever want in an Alternative band. With an spacey indie/electronic feel, they drive home an originality that’s all their own. A melancholy sound driven by a feeling that “Even at our birth, death does but stand aside a little. And every day he looks towards us and muses somewhat to himself whether that day or the next he will draw nigh.” These purveyors have built a strong base here in their hometown of Buffalo, and are sure to pull you into their own world as well!

& Slaves To Sound

I bet some of you are wondering who Slaves To Sound are. Are you a slave? Are we all slaves to this system of constant noise & distractions? …. Well, I can’t reveal all of those answers to you right yet. But, I can tell you that this new band has the right ingredients to break you out of the monotony of your Nine to Five & remind you, for a little while, what it means to be free & rock on!

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