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Vision Boarding Workshop

On Thursday, January 5, Kunda Cairn Kaur will be hosting a Vision Boarding Workshop at 100 Amherst Street in Buffalo (6:30pm to 9:30pm). The event, created for Uncoil Buffalo, features Kundalini Yoga meditations and the creation of Vision Boards.

How do we create a better life for ourselves? It begins with a desire. As we identify our desire, and focus upon it, we draw it towards us. This is where the use of vision boards can prove very useful.

This is an inspirational event like no other. It’s beyond yoga. It incorporates a number of other mindful exercises that transcend the body by incorporating visual aspects into the meditative experience.

Kunda Cairn and local artist Sara Lusky Dinatale team up for an intuitive art class with Kunda Cairn leading a creativity themed Kundalini kriya and Sara providing inspiration and instruction in making vision board collages.

To learn more about the unusual act of vision boarding, we’ve asked Kunda Cairn Kaur a few questions:

Can you tell us more about the Vision Boarding Workshop?

The Vision Boarding Workshop will consist of a set of Kundalini Yoga meditations designed to access our intuition, creative consciousness and magnetic energy – all important components of prosperity consciousness or “the law of attraction.” After we have engaged in these exercises, we will engage in creation of our vision boards.

What are vision boards exactly?

Vision boards are tools of manifestation used to strengthen our alignment with the law of attraction (and Kundalini is the yoga of self-actualization so they go hand in hand here). We create vision boards to help us realize our goals. They are created by attaching items, images or inspirational sayings that create within us the feelings we associate with achieving the goals and lifestyle we are working toward. Vision boards can be created for an overall vision or for more specific goals. Vision boards in their simplest definition are physical forms of the meditative practice of visualization. When they have been completed and are placed by their creators in a place of prominence they have the effect of mini manifestation meditations each time we see them.

What can people expect from the workshop?

Anybody who has ever put a photo of a country they’d like to visit, a drum set they are saving up for or the type of home they’d like to live in to a bulletin board or a fridge door has been using the same technology. The most important thing people can expect from this workshop is a sense of empowerment – through the meditations as well as engaging in the creative process. The vision boards will provide powerful touchstones for what they wish to manifest and the kundalini meditations will help develop the magnetic energy needed to draw the right opportunities. They can expect to have fun while participating too!

And Uncoil Buffalo?

Uncoil Buffalo is my mission statement as a teacher and spiritual mentor. It is also a spiritual community that predominantly practices Kundalini Yoga & Meditation, Reiki and other healing art technologies, including various forms of sound healing.

How did you team up with Sara Lusky Dinatale?

Sara and I met through her attendance of Uncoil Buffalo meditations and classes and eventually developed a friendship. 

Vision Boarding Workshop

Art supplies and light refreshments, included.

Suggested offering $35.00

All are welcome but space is limited. RSVP REQUIRED.

See Facebook for more information

Thursday, January 5, 2017

6:30 PM – 9:30 PM

100 Amherst Street | Buffalo, NY 14207-2746

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