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Turning Overpass Eyesores into Functional Design Opportunities

Some of the ugliest places in Buffalo exist under highway overpasses. If you think about it, there are plenty of highway overpasses, which means that there are a plenty of blighted areas of the city. Now, normally someone might look at these unpleasant areas, shake his or head, and simply walk away. The real problem is that these overpasses aren’t going away anytime soon. That means that someone has to come up with a way to brighten them up – to make them places that are actually interesting, instead of unappealing.

Believe it or not, there are some creative people in other cities that are turning these vapid, uninspiring locations into pleasant places to congregate. Some are being transitioned into destinations where visitors might hang around for a bit and interact with the space, while others are being designed to capture the imaginations of passersby as they head from one place to another.

It would be great to see the University at Buffalo tackle a couple of these projects. Maybe hand-in-hand with the Albright-Knox? We need to start fixing some of the aesthetic messes that we have at Canalside, in the heart of Downtown, along waterfront, and at other high profile locations where these overpasses contribute to blight. Let’s turn these eyesores into opportunities.

To learn more about cities that are rethinking the roles of their overpasses, take a look at this article.

Lead image: The Wabash Lights in Chicago 

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