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Milonga Mariposa – Roaring 20s in Black & White

It’s great seeing so many opportunities for tango dancing, especially during the winter season. One of the most popular events coming up in the tango dance arena is Milonga Mariposa (themed Roaring 20s), hosted by instructor Ekaterina “Katya” Klepikova. Taking a look at Ekaterina’s laundry list of dance-related events and classes, it is easy to see that she is keeping herself, and a lot of Buffalonians, busy these days. And what better activity to be busy with, than dancing? 

Originally a gymnast, Katya embarked her profession as a tango dancer/instructor right here in Buffalo, then began traveling to Montreal and NYC and Buenos Aires to perfect her skills. Now she’s sharing what she has learned along the way.

“I’ve been hosting Milonga Mariposa once a month since 2010,” said Katya. “Not to brag, but probably the most elegant and classy tango event in Buffalo. Always dress to impress. Once in a while I invite guest teachers or guest djs from out of town. We also have a wonderful tango club at UB.”

As far as Milonga Mariposa – it is the longest run milonga in WNY. The upcoming theme is Roaring 20s in Black & White.

Dress to impress, BYOB and enjoy the most elegant of Buffalo milongas! Candle lights, charming atmosphere, best of traditional tango music…

Milonga Mariposa – Roaring 20s in Black & White

Friday, January 6, 2017 | 7.30pm – 12am | $10

Willet House | 2221 Abbott Road | Lackawanna, New York 14218

Facebook event

Aside from her more “elegant and classy” milonga classes, Katya also hosts sessions for beginners. It’s a four week series of Argentine tango, led by Katya and Tali López. The classes will take you from being a novice to a proficient tango dancer. This is done by “covering essential elements of technique, some basics combinations and an introduction to the beautiful world of Argentine tango.”

“Up until December, I used to teach with Joaquin Canay who moved back to Argentina,” explained Katya. “And now I will start teaching for a male instructor [role]. I know well both roles. I am currently teaching and performing together with Tali Lopez, and co-host practilonga Sin Nombre. Tali also started dancing in Buffalo, then moved to Spain, traveled to Argentina a few times. Now she is back to teaching after being on maternity leave for a couple years.”

The interesting part about those one is that they will be taught by two female instructors instead of male and female, which is, I believe, first time in New York state.

Lessons are followed by practilonga Sin Nombre with more experienced dancers of Buffalo Tango Community – please, feel free to stay and practice and ask questions. Practica is complimentary for those taking these lessons.

Photo: Travis Michael Widrick

Argentine Tango 101

Every Wednesday, starting January 11, 2017

6-7pm | No partner needed | Please, bring comfortable shoes

$40/ $70 for a couple

Lafayette Presbyterian Church | 875 Elmwood Avenue | Buffalo NY

Facebook event

Finally, on Wednesday, January 4, is the official launch of Practilonga Sin Nombre. The event begins at 7pm and ends at 10pm. This is the launch of the new weekly tango event practilonga Sin Nombre!

Practilonga is a Milonga & Practica in one – whether you just want to dance or you need to practice, there is space here for you. So, come practice, play, learn and dance with us!

Official Launch of Practilonga Sin Nombre

Lafayette Ave. Presbyterian Church in Buffalo, New York

Please bring a dish to share and let’s make this first official one a real feast in the best traditions of Buffalo tango community!

Wednesday, January 4, 2107

7-10pm | $7 | Facebook event

Added bonus:

1st and 3rd Sundays of the month – Craig Chapman hosts Free Tango Night at the Gypsy Parlor, 7pm-10pm.

Tango Club at UB offers every semester beginners classes, weekly practicas and a few milongas. Their activities will resume in February…

About Katya: I was born and raised in Russia, where for over ten years I dedicated myself to gymnastics, but started dancing tango while living in the United States. I have been actively teaching tango and performing since 2012. My experience in gymnastics allowed me to build a solid technical basis in tango, further enriched by my experience with bodywork techniques such as yoga. Besides gymnastics my background includes fine arts as well as literature.

My background in tango includes learning from the most reknowned North American and Argentinean teachers of many different styles, as well as regular practicing and methodical self-study.

For the past several years I have been living in Buffalo where I teach group classes and private lessons, and organize various tango events. In 2012 I helped to form Argentine Tango Club at University of Buffalo and have been its main instructor since then.

In my dance and teaching I emphasize elegance, musicality, quality of movement, improvisation, and connection between partners. I hope to help my students to understand mechanics of movement and incorporate it on a deeper level, rather than copy from an external source. I see tango as a complex phenomenon with its own rich history, codes and traditions and strive to communicate this approach to my students.

I have worked with different partners, and have taught and performed at various events in Buffalo, as well as in Rochester, Ithaca,, Cleveland, Syracuse, Pittsburgh. Wide experience and deep knowledge of both roles, leader’s and follower’s, allow me to teach group classes and also individual technique classes and private lessons alone or with a female partner. Being an eternal student and always growing and finding new ways of approaching the dance and teaching it to others, as a teacher I try to provide an individual approach based on each person’s own potential, whether they are 18 or 89 years old.

As a dancer and a teacher, I was greatly influenced and inspired by Marika Landry, Avik Basu, Andres Laza Moreno, Moira Castellano, Kristina Autio, Alicia Pons, Corina Herrera.

About Tali: Buffalo native, Tali López (Tigreña Tango) has been dancing Argentine Tango since 2007. Enamored from the start, she grew quickly as a dancer, and soon began teaching and hosting events in Western New York with Travis Widrick. Hungry to continue growing, she began to travel frequently, seeking out teachers and events throughout US and Canada. In 2012, Tali relocated to Madrid where she spent a year traveling extensively throughout Europe. Upon her return to the WNY area she began teaching again, eager to share what she had learned. She hosted Milonga Tigreña and The Afterparty Practilonga, focusing on bringing accomplished guest teachers and DJ’s to the Buffalo area. She also continued to travel, making several trips to Buenos Aires to train further and learn more about Argentine culture.

The teachers and influences that have helped to shape her dance are countless, but some that Tali considers to be the most influential are Faye Lopez, Robin Thomas, Silvina Vals, Claudio Cardona, Ariadna Naveira and Horaco Godoy. Tali’s commitment to improving her own technique and body awareness has led her to not only study tango, but also many other forms of movement and dance, such as yoga, Pilates, ballet, and other Latin dances. Her extensive travel and years of experience have helped her develop a unique style in Argentine tango that is precise, powerful, playful and passionate. Rather than elaborate combinations, her focus in class is on connection, musicality and floorcraft. Currently, Tali teaches beginner lessons and hosts Practilonga Sin Nombre with partner Katya Klepikova in Buffalo, NY. She is also available for private lessons and performances.”

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