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I Can’t Stay Silent Anymore

Author: Yan Shmatnik – a 31 year old immigrant to this great country

I am blessed. Why? Because I have more than I need. Not only are my basic needs met, wants and desires are too. This is more than I can say about most people.

How? My parents work their asses off to of provided me every opportunity they did not have. I’m spoiled, rotten. I’m an only child and my parents are cool as f*#k. They have given me the 2nd best gift they could — opportunity. The 1st being life.

Back before the United States of America was “birthed” and given “life” — its name, constitution, laws, leaders, and citizens — there were people who came to this populated land and made it theirs. They, our founders, “immigrated”. It was a discovery to them, but not to the people who lived where I write this article from today. That’s fact, history.

This country as it stands “today” was founded by immigrants, for immigrants. Immigrants are people. Citizens are people. Leaders are people and Trump is a person. A country is not a person. It’s inhabited by people.

So what makes up a country? Think about it. What makes a country great? Think about it. What does, “Making America Great Again” mean? Think about it. I disagree with that slogan because the term again means reverting backwards aka “the good old days”. Your ‘good old days’ may mean another person’s worst nightmare. The slogan should of been, “Making America Better.” Better, technically means progress and forward movement. Not ideal, not utopian, but better. Not only better for you, but for me as well, for everyone, the country, and the world.

Your ‘good old days’ may mean another person’s worst nightmare.

People hate. We’re not perfect. I struggle with anger and even outright rage but to hate another person, I can’t. Even Trump aka POTUS. He’s a person. That means he’s flawed. So how do you help a flawed individual? Notice I said help and not fix. This is because you can’t, and should not, attempt to fix people. It’s a fruitless endeavor. What you can do however, is help.

We know that hate vs. hate causes trouble, problems, and wars. So people say “love”. That love conquers all. Let me adjust that saying because I don’t buy it. True, unconditional love conquers all. That word unconditional makes all the difference and people struggle loving like that, especially today. I’m sorry to say, but even parents to their children. To love unconditionally is hard and means a removal of your wants and needs from the equation. That you would gladly suffer for what or whom you truly love. Great leaders do that.

Where are our great leaders? I don’t hear them or maybe I do, maybe it just falls on deaf ears since it’s probably just whining. A great leader does not complain. A great leader shuts up and does what is right.

But what is right? What he or she thinks? What I think? What you think? Chances are no.

So do we vote? Chances are no.

So what is right? Think about it.

Usually what is right does not come with a reward, as we are programmed to think. Usually what is right does not have to even be spoken, it is known. Not in our heads, maybe not even in our hearts, but in the depths of our soul.

It is “divine”, not of us. Not manmade but universal, infinite, and beyond our understanding.

To do what is right we do not have to even understand it. We just have to do it.

So how do we help Trump? When the help we can give would not be received by him? Do we protest? Do we march? Do we write articles? I don’t know. I don’t think so. I think we act. To make The United States of America great, we must evolve. We are a torn nation. Why? Because we do not understand each other. We see each other through our differences instead of our similarities. Behind each difference stands a person, a soul yelling and screaming to be understood. We must take responsibility for where we are today. For all the people who can’t stand another day of this, evolve. Be better.

It all starts with one, just one single person to do it. Live an evolved life. One where he or she is at peace with themselves and accepting of reality, the world around them as a fact. This is now.

What can’t be changed and what can be changed?

It is every citizen of this country’s mission to ask themselves that question. It can all start with you. Then another will join you. And another. In time you will be gifted a group of evolved citizens. Together this group will grow and hopefully be gifted with the wisdom to discover how to help. For it takes a team to do big things. One that has a mission, a shared vision, and differences that only a group of various people can bring that can be leveraged to work in harmony with each other to discover this answer.

But if you ask me, you already know what it is. Fear may just be stopping you. Violence is not the answer. Nor love.

It’s peace.

Not between you and me, or him or her. But with one’s self. Do that and then you’ll be evolved enough to do your part, what you can change, to help Trump witness his flaws, actions, and consequences there forth. He will either crumble after such an event or rise to correct the error of his ways.

It starts with you. Then it spreads and like a virus it’ll infect him. For he has no vaccine against this.

This is universal, it is just, and it is truth.

Unconditional love is what this great nation needs. For each other, the world, and Trump.

Hug your neighbor, quit being a hater.

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Written by BRO Reader Submission

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