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Fart Force

Have you ever thought about what it might be like to follow around a couple of Queen City detectives for a day? Can you imagine the antics? Maybe not. But a couple of other Buffalonians did, and these guys happen to be indie filmmakers with a bent for slapstick humor. Rob Imbs and Dominic Luongo have created a cutting-edge comedy series called Fart Force.

Fart Force promises to lampoon all your favorite Cop Show tropes.

The production is considered to be a an episodic docu-crime drama. Best of all, the series is running locally during Adult Swim. Each of the episodes is one-minute long, which allows viewers to briefly check out the action before returning to regularly scheduled nationally syndicated programming. If you’re lucky enough to be in Buffalo during Adult Swim, then you must catch the second installment of… Fart Force!

Pilot Episode – Join Detective Ricardo and Detective Ruffles in the Pilot Episode of FART FORCE!

According to the show creators, “It was an opportunity to try something new and different,” Imbs said. “We wanted to create something that was fast and funny and would make the viewer do a double take.”

“It’s the flash mob of TV shows,” Luongo said. “It runs in, hits you with the comedy, and runs back out before you’ve had a chance to fully register what happened.”

“It really is an experiment in absurdity,” Imbs said. “Bottom line, everyone is going through some tough times, so we just hope it makes Buffalo laugh.”

Fart Force airs this Friday and Saturday during Adult Swim, and will continue airing its eight episode run every Friday and Saturday until March 17 and 18. For more information and show times visit:

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