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Canine Sports Complex, A Positive Reinforcement in the Dog Community

Author: Schyler Norton

Do you have a dog that has more energy than you can handle? Do you wish that there was a place that would offer sports training, but for dogs? Well, Canine Sports Complex has just what you need. Jeannine Jay bought Canine Sports Complex eleven years ago, when it was already a place for dogs to learn obedience and agility. Jeannine took the space and expanded upon that by improving the already great space, and adding more space for training.

Jeannine did not begin as an obedience instructor, as soon as she bought the building she began taking many classes, and reading books on obedience training and interaction with dogs. Once she became qualified to teach, she began shaping Canine Sports Complex into a safe haven for dogs and their owners alike. Due to the fact that Jeannine had a fearful dog at the time, she wanted to be sure to offer a space for dogs to overcome that, along with other behavioral issues.

When I visited Canine Sports Complex I was able to witness a barn hunt test, which only happens once a month. A barn hunt is an activity for dogs that tests their sense of smell, and ability to focus. A rat is placed in a PVC pipe (do not worry, these rats belong to Jeannine and are socialized to dogs so they are not hurt) and the pipe is then hidden among barrels of hay. The objective for the dog is to find the pipe as fast as possible. This is only one of the activities that Canine Sports Complex offers. Canine Sports Complex has a second location in Wilson, New York that opened 6 years ago. That facility has an outdoor 40 foot pool which is open from June to September and used for dock jumping classes and tests, if your dog is more aquatically inclined, or if your dog is very active and enjoys running, maybe agility would be a good fit.

Canine Sports Complex is not just a place for dogs to learn agility, Jeannine makes sure that it is also a place for struggling owners to bring their aggressive, reactive, or fearful dogs. Jeannine provides a safe environment for dogs and their owners to overcome behavioral issues, and give their dogs a better and happier way of life. There are 6 instructors and only 3-5 dogs per instructor to make sure every dog is getting the attention that they need.

Photo by Canine Sports Complex

Jeannine does a lot to help dogs, 5 years ago she founded the Every Dog Program, which raises money for dogs in foster care so they are able to attend obedience school. Through this program Jeannine gets 10-15 dogs a year sponsored to go to obedience classes. Dogs that are trained and well behaved are more likely to get adopted, and Jeannine is helping them do that and hopefully find them a happy forever home. Jeannine also uses her work with dogs to help humans, she works with police department and search and rescue dogs to provide scent training.

Every class that Canine Sports Complex provides is based on a principal of choice training, and positive reinforcement. If you are interested, there is a free trial class – here is a link to all of their class offerings.

Canine Sports Complex | 356 Hertel Avenue Buffalo, NY 14207 | | Facebook

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