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105,000 sq.’ of terra cotta panels are being installed on UB’s new medical school building

Locally made terra cotta is helping to shape UB’s new medical school building at the Medical Campus. According to UB|MD, each of the panels weighs in at 60 pounds, and measures 1×5 feet. It was HOK (designers) that contracted with Boston Valley Terra Cotta on the project, after Boston Valley beat out a couple of German companies for the work.

“HOK contacted us during the conceptual design stage,” explained Willard Pottle, international sales and marketing manager at Boston Valley Terra Cotta, which won the bid to manufacture the panels over two German firms. “They made it very clear that they wanted to use terra cotta to acknowledge Buffalo’s architectural history.” – UB|MD

Below is a video that show the manufacturing process behind the panels:

Altogether, there will be 28,006 panels used for the project, making the order one of the biggest for the family owned company. 

Once complete, the building will house the Jacobs School of Medicine and Biomedical Sciences at the University at Buffalo. Check out the video below to learn about the BNMC – Imagine Progress 2017. Also refer to the new BNMC website.

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  • BuffaloFenian

    One of my favorite parts of my commute is seeing those gorgeous panels go up. It seems like the construction had been lagging, however now it’s really starting to come together.

  • jtown

    Wow, this building is going to be amazing when done. Looking good.

  • benfranklin

    I’m uncertain about the lighter color on the thin strips between the windows.

  • Michael DiPasquale

    Finally, a new building with some color. I was looking at the new construction at W Delavan and Elmwood, and it’s mostly gray.

  • Rand503

    They could make a pretty big pizza with all those tiles.

  • Bringing back Buffalo


  • Davvid

    Its a good addition to the neighborhood for a number of reasons, but the design is just so-so. It is still a shame that this project went to HOK instead of a more creative/innovative/intellectual firm, like Diller Scofidio & Refro, Morphosis, or Steven Holl.

  • Tbuff90

    this is one of my favorite new builds in the city so far. I love that the way the terra cotta looks next to the white of the Roosevelt building; it is cool to see a new modern building with old world materials.

  • G Orty

    Great looking tile, BUT could someone please pay attention to the variegation?? Just like on the BPAC, the range of colors is not consistent on different areas of the facade. It’s sloppy where color in one area is largely homogeneous and another area is much more varied, especially on the same face of the facade. Hopefully it resolves with more tiles, but it looks kinda stupid right now..

  • Johnny Pizza

    Here’s your answer as to why tuition and student loans are skyrocketing.

    • eagercolin

      No. The answer is actually a combination of administrative bloat, increased student services, and a situation where schools are free to charge whatever they like of student who can borrow as much as they need.

  • TrueStoryBflo

    It’s looking nice, that street on the other hand…

  • HousingBubble2

    This does not blend end in with the urban fabric downtown. All of the buildings on the medical campus clash. I would think there would be some kind of continuity in design and shape with all the money spent – does this medical campus do anything well beside stroke care ?

    • WeAreTheNormal

      If someone is having a stroke, do you think they give a shit about the continuity in design and shape of the neighborhood?

      • HousingBubble2

        I will not tolerate that language. I am going to protest and organize a march