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Think twice before you dump your electronics curbside or in your garbage tote.

Christmas/the holidays is the prime time of year when household technology is freshly updated. That means that when it comes to TV’s it’s ‘out with the old and in with the new’. While there appears to be no recent statistics available, in 2013 87 million Smart TVs were sold. That mean that a lot of TVs were suddenly outdated or obsolete.

In recent years, the City of Buffalo has disallowed TVs and other electronics from being dumped at the curb, or in garbage totes. This NY State law went into effect as of January 1, 2015. Households dumping electronics at the curb or in garbage totes are now issued fines.

On Saturday, January 7, Buffalo residents can bring their unwanted electronics, Styrofoam, Christmas trees, and Christmas lights to 1120 Seneca Street, from 9am to 2pm. The event is being held at the City of Buffalo engineering garage.

A clothing/textiles donation event will be held on that same day, making it easier for households to clean up after the holidays.

Lastly, residents in need of mulch will be able to pick some up at the donation/recycle event.

The next time that you think that it’s OK to throw out electronics, think again. It’s bad for the environment, it’s bad for your health, and it’s illegal.

Written by Buffalo Rising

Buffalo Rising

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  • buffalogirl2012

    The fines haven’t done anything to prevent people from dumping electronics on vacant city lots – if anything the fines have increased dumping on lots. The electronics sit there for months. I never hear this subject discussed. Is there a solution?

    • OldFirstWard

      The solution is curbside pickup once a quarter. Residents pay to have their trash picked up and pay quite well. Many residents do not have a means to transport electronics to a dump site nor the time in many cases. It might actually involve sanitation workers working past noon once in while.

      If the politicians think it is a problem, then put it on the November ballot and let the citizens and taxpayers decide.

      • Jeff Brown

        For once I agree with OFW. Part of the problem is that it’s so difficult to get rid of this stuff properly. It’s heavy and bulky, and the city only takes it on certain special occasions. Introducing fines just adds to the difficulty–now throwing it out is a pain and carries legal implications? Why *not* toss it in an empty lot in the middle of the night?

        If we want curbsides free of junk, we have to make it less painful to get rid of appropriately.

        And seriously, with the number of times I’ve had to make a special invitation to the city after they’ve failed to pick up our totes, what the hell am I actually paying for?

        • OldFirstWard

          These politicians sit around City Hall trying to figure out ways to make life more expensive and difficult for the citizens of Buffalo. Have you ever paid a city service late and incurred the outrageous fees and late charges? We once had free trash removal. Now we get charged. Fine, but don’t tell me or some single mother riding a bus, or an elderly person that has been a city resident for decades, to bring our old electronics to you. We pay for trash removal. This city belongs to the citizens not these political hacks. The citizens demand pickup. Get in one of your foolish committees and figure out how to accomplish it and get it done.

          • greenca

            We once had free trash removal? I never knew the sanitation workers were actually unpaid volunteers, the trucks were free, the gas that were pumped into the trucks was donated by the local gas stations, and the landfills waived their tipping fees, Who knew?

          • OldFirstWard

            Your ignorance is so blatant, I can’t even shame myself enough to muster a worthy response.

      • buffalogirl2012

        Good suggestion. I just don’t understand why I don’t hear people discussing this. Whenever I drive on the West Side I see heaps of this garbage all over the place.

  • We had a 2005 Sony Grand Wega, 55″ across and 1080 interlacing. Tried selling it on eBay, Reddit, you name it. Nobody wanted this thing. Granted it bulged out a lot but it’s still an HDTV.

    So we brought it to Best Buy, and we had to pay them to take it. Crazy!

  • Terrier1

    I have been bringing my old TVs, coffee makers and printers to the Seneca Street location for years.
    Thanks for the reminder re: Christmas lights – I was about to toss some in the garbage!

  • Susan Attridge

    I just want to let City of Buffalo residents know all the available options for Electronic Waste (E-Waste) disposal. Buffalo residents can drop off their E-Waste Monday through Friday from 8AM – 3PM at the City’s Engineering garage located at 1120 Seneca Street. This location is also open the first Saturday of the month from 8AM-2PM. Additionally, the City has a pickup program for disabled residents and senior citizens. They just need to call 311. The City also collects E-Waste at the two Household Hazardous Waste events each year. For any additional information, please feel free to call my office at 851-5014. Thanks!

  • Buffalo Resurrection

    Same issue where I reside and we are constantly reminded by the Town of Newfane that we have to bring all electronics to the Lockport Recycle located at 178 Oakhurst Street which is west of the City of Lockport and, yes, there is a fee. I just dropped-off an old 19″-screen television and it was $1.00 per inch or $19.00 – cleanest recycle place I hade ever seen!

  • John

    There are various events throughout the year like the one above. Although not the most convenient, my electronics were at least disposed of properly. I went to the one this year and the volunteers grabbed everything out of my car for me, and did a great job. It was a pretty hot day, so hats off to those workers.