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The Great Winter Get Out

Now that we’ve discussed all of the benefits of Hygge as it relates to Buffalo in winter, it’s time to turn our attention to the outdoors. The Campus Cycling Collective (a 501c3 Nonprofit organization) has devised an ingenious way to get Buffalonians outdoors, enjoying themselves throughout the winter. No, it’s not a festival. Rather, it’s a series of interactive activities, organized under the banner of The Great Winter Get Out.

The premise behind The Great Winter Get Out is fairly simple. Throughout the season (through March 31), participants engage with a scavenger hunt style game that involves fun challenges, including documenting items via photos, attending functions, having fun in the snow, etc. Players collect points along the way, which they then upload to a social media app called Goosechase. Some challenges might be attending events or meetups, while others might be tracking down an elusive item and then documenting via photo or video. Some of the challenges might be a breeze, while others are considered tough.

This is a really awesome thing that anyone can get involved with, it encourages outdoor and active lifestyle during a time when most people like to hibernate a bit. It’s fun, social, and lets people be creative.  The app we use is really cool, you can see all the submissions that all the other participants make, and there is a points board that is updated immediately after challenges are completed. It’s almost like an outdoor Pokémon Go adventure but with bikes, snowshoes, and cross country skis!

Campus Cycling Collective is the group that puts on the various group activities that depart from Campus WheelWorks on all sort of adventures. If you’ve been looking for something fun and different to do this winter season, then consider playing a part in The Great Winter Get Out.

Here are the challenges…

  1. DECEMBER CHALLENGE — Did you take a picture of you & your bike with Santa? Submit your photo with him, you and your bike. 400 POINTS
  2. BE AN ANGEL — Make a snow angel, Make it look like it is riding your bike, snowshoeing/xc skiing. 400 POINTS
  3. WHERE’S FROSTY? — Take a picture of your bike with a snowman. 400 POINTS
  4. PHAT TIRES 4 EVA — A picture of you riding a fat bike. 400 POINTS
  5. BYRNCLIFF — A winter wonderland. Visit Byrncliff Resort. 500 POINTS
  6. WHO THE HECK IS SCOTTY MO!? — A selfie at Felt Bicycles East Office, with Scotty Mo. Of course you need to ride there. 700 POINTS
  7. “YOU WHEELIE MAKE MY HEART RACE” — Campus WheelWorks puts on the best fat bike race in the area. Come participate (it’s really fun) or just hang out and watch! 700POINTS
  8. GLOW RIDE — Dress your bike in an incredible amounts of lights. Ride it around Delaware Park. 500 POINTS
  9. POKÉMON GREG — Catch a Greg Wilder while he’s commuting. 600 POINTS
  10. BYRON BROWN — Find the mayor. Tell him how much we need better winter bike infrastructure and maintenance. 1,000 POINTS
  11. THE COMMON COUNCIL — Find your District council person. Tell them about one bike infrastructure problem in your district that needs improvement. 1,000 POINTS
  12. JANUARY SOIRE 1/10/17 — Come to Providence Social for a monthly Get Out get-together. We will give out prizes, talk about the Get Out, and strategize on the best kinds of socks to wear while out having a ball in the snow. 500 POINTS
  13. FEBRUARY SOCIAL HOUR 2/7/16 — Come to Providence Social for a monthly Get Out get-together. We will give out prizes, talk about the Get Out, and strategize on the best kinds of socks to wear while out having a ball in the snow. 500 POINTS
  14. MAGIC MARCH MEETUP 3/7 — Come to Providence Social for a monthly Get Out get-together. We will give out prizes, talk about the Get Out, and strategize on the best kinds of socks to wear while out having a ball in the snow. 600 POINTS
  15. LEND A HELPING WRENCH — Stop by the GoBike Buffalo Community Workshop during their open hours at 98 Colvin Ave for a volunteer session. They are Buffalo’s only community bike shop that teaches people how to maintain and care for their bikes. 600 POINTS
  16. FACIAL ICICLES — Let’s see the photos of them frosty Ice covered beards or wonderfully frozen scarfs. 500 POINTS
  17. WHITE WALKERS – Get out there and snowshoe. Anywhere. In the Snow. Bonus Points if it’s snowing. 600 POINTS
  18. CCC THURSDAY XC SKI NIGHT — Join the CCC for our Thursday Cross Country Ski Night in Delaware Park. We ski every Thursday night there is snow. Meet 7:30pm @Campus. 600 POINTS
  19. GO GO GAMELAN — Bike over to 345 West Ferry and join the Buffalo Gamelan Club on a Monday night at 7pm for a beginner gamelan lesson. 600 POINTS
  20. 10 LAYER CAKE — Your sweet selves need gear to stay out in the cold. Show us your average winter cycling layers. 400 POINTS
  21. JANUARY CHALLENGE: MLK DAY — Take a selfie at Martin Luther King park with the Martin Luther King statue. While you are at it, research the man and his philosophies, we can all learn something from him. 500POINTS
  22. FEBRUARY CHALLENGE — Valentine’s Day! Deliver a valentine to a secret crush by bicycle/cross country skis or snowshoes. 600 POINTS
  23. HATE STREET — What street do you hate, go there, and tell us why. 600 POINTS
  24. BIRD ISLAND PIER — There is a really nice view of the city from the end of Bird Island pier. 600 POINTS
  25. STUFEMEISTER — Heaven is like a cold breeze off Lake Erie in the Winter. Climb to the top of the Erie Basin Marina Tower, yes with your bike. 500 POINTS
  26. BOTANICAL GARDEN PARTY — Ride yer butt down to South Park, one of the most beautiful Olmsted parks. Take a photo with the gardens or the lagoon. 600 POINTS
  27. FIFTH WHEEL — Go on a bike ride with at least 5 people. Must be mixed gendered. 500 POINTS
  28. BUFFALO BIKE PARTY — Get involved with one of Buffalo’s fabulous group ride organizations. Go on one of their rides! 600 POINTS
  29. BIKE CAMPING — Pack up your bike with gear and go on a camping adventure. 700 POINTS
  30. SNECKDOWN — A what? Find a cool sneckdown in Buffalo. 500 POINTS
  31. CHASING WATERFALLS — Ride up to Niagara Falls. Bonus Points if Falls are frozen. 700 POINTS
  32. O-CANADA! — Ride across the Peace Bridge, sing part of the Canadian national anthem halfway across. 500 POINTS
  33. MERCURY DROPPING — Get a picture with a thermometer below freezing. Coldest thermometer picture gets bonus points. 400 POINTS
  34. ROAD LESS TRAVELED — Make bike tracks on an unplowed street. 400 POINTS
  35. KING OF THE MOUNTAIN — Find a big snow pile, the bigger the better. Of course, with your bike/ snowshoes/or skis on top of it too. 400POINTS
  36. MATTAMY NATIONAL CYCLING CENTRE — It’s freaking cold out, who would want to ride a bike outside?!?! Indoor bicycle tracks….the future…. visit and watch a race, or ride, they offer inexpensive fun courses for certification. 600 POINTS
  37. DEYOWENOGUHDOH (UNITY) ISLAND — Take a picture of / with the border patrol agents always stationed there. 600 POINTS
  38. WINTER BIKE PILE — Most bikes locked together in a pile wins extra bonus points. 640 POINTS
  39. BEAUTIFUL DESOLATION — XC skiing the outer harbor with Lake Erie in the background. Bonus points for frozen lake and a sunset. 600 POINTS
  40. BUFFAWANDA CHOO CHOO — The BuffaWanda is WNY’s new rails to trails multi use path. It runs from ShoShone park in Buffalo all the way to North Tonawanda. Apparently there are no funds to plow this brand new beautiful infrastructure that could be a winter bike commuter’s dream. Bonus points if you bring a shovel there and dig part of the path out to encourage our civic leaders to put money towards snow removal. Post to social media of course. 500 POINTS
  41. HORSING AROUND — Get a picture out there in the wild winter with some animals. On a farm? At the zoo? 500 POINTS
  42. GO FLY A KITE — On one of your winter adventures, also bring a kite. Try to fly it. 600 POINTS
  43. NEWSWORTHY — Picture or video with a famous Buffalo, NY news broadcaster and your Get Out transportation item of choice. Bonus points if on air, promoting The Great Winter Get Out, more bonus points if on air outdoors in a snow storm. 600 POINTS
  44. OLD FOLKS — Visit an old folks home by bike. (and sing for them?) 600 POINTS
  45. CUTE STUFF — Bike to a rescue pet center and play with the animals. 500 POINTS
  46. QUALITY FAMILY TIME — Get Out with your immediate family be it bike, xc skis, or snowshoes. 600 POINTS
  47. SPECIAL DELIVERY! — Deliver cookies by bike, still warm from the oven, somewhere. 500 POINTS
  48. HAIKU — Create a haiku on a nice, homemade card and deliver it to your favorite local small business. 400 POINTS
  49. COCO MADNESS — Bike somewhere and get some hot coco. 400 POINTS
  50. GOLDEN ANNIVERSARY — Selfie on a “gold chair” at Holiday Valley. 400 POINTS
  51. VALET — Valet your bicycle at a restaurant. 600 POINTS
  52. DINING ALFRESCO — Bike somewhere cool in the city. Have an outdoor picnic or barbecue. 500 POINTS
  53. HITCH HIKER — Double ride a stranger on your bike. 400 POINTS
  54. SHAKESPEARE — Visit Shakespeare Hill in the off-season for some sledding. Bonus points if you post a video reciting lines from your favorite Shakespeare play. 400 POINTS
  55. ETCH-O-STRAVA — Draw a picture by bike, ski, or snowshoe using Strava. 400 POINTS
  56. BIKE POLO — Is winter bike polo a thing? If not it should be. Bonus if with fat bikes. 500 POINTS
  57. SAUCY — Recreate Lady and the Tramp spaghetti scene on bike. 400 POINTS
  58. DER RING DES NIBELUNGEN — Listen to at least 1⁄2 of Wagners full Ring Cycle while biking, xc skiing, or snowshoeing. 700POINTS
  59. SOUPS UP! — Bike to volunteer at a soup kitchen. 600 POINTS
  60. SPARKS FLYING — Go on a date by bicycle. 600 POINTS
  61. CENTRAL TERMINAL — Wouldn’t it be nice if Buffalo’s iconic train station came back to life and actually had train service? Visit. 400POINTS
  62. BRINGO! — Ride a bike to go play bingo. Then play. 400 POINTS
  63. INKED — Go get yourself a bike related tattoo. Major bonus points—we’ve had a custom tattoo designed by the artists at Hand of Doom Tattoo for this event. Get that one. 1,000 POINTS
  64. FOOD NOT BOMBS — One of the best food justice organizations in Buffalo. Visit Food Not Bombs (or volunteer!) by bike. 600 POINTS
  65. SLEIGH RIDE — Pull someone in a sled by bike. 500 POINTS
  66. ICE BIKES — Visit Buffalos Canalside and rent some Ice Bikes. 400 POINTS
  67. FRESH PRINTS — Your winter gear of choice next to some animal prints in the snow (not dog ones) 400 POINTS
  68. BPO — Bike to The Buffalo Philharmonic Orchestra. Bonus if biking all the way to the RPO. 400 POINTS
  69. J-SKI — XC ski on city streets. 700 POINTS
  70. SHOPAHOLIC — Go grocery shopping with your snowshoes/skis/bike. 400 POINTS
  71. FA-LA-LA-LA-LA — Go bicycle caroling. 500 POINTS
  72. TEAM JERSEY — Make a homemade team Jersey/Costume, take it on an excursion. 600 POINTS
  73. OLD SCHOOL — Make a snow fort, play in it – be safe in the process. 400 POINTS
  74. HIGH FIVES — Find a stranger in the wild, riding in the cold, give them a high five! 400 POINTS
  75. NEGLIGENT — Snag a picture of a bike locked up somewhere and totally covered in snow. Not your bike! 400 POINTS
  76. RAVE — Go somewhere cool (literally) have a dance party. Bike/XC Ski/Snowshoe 600 POINTS
  77. GOOD NEIGHBOR — Find a sidewalk that is never shoveled. Shovel it, Not yours silly. 600 POINTS
  78. GET AIRBORNE — Choose your method. We want to see sky underneath ya. 500 POINTS
  79. TRAINER RIDE — Lots of people buy bike trainers so they don’t have to ride outside in the winter. Take your trainer, put it outside and do your time out there. Bonus points if you ride during a Blizzard. 400 POINTS
  80. PERFECT SNOWFLAKE — Take a picture of a perfect snowflake…on your bike. 400 POINTS
  81. ICE IS NICE — Go ice skating outside. Bonus if it’s a pond or backyard. 400 POINTS
  82. RAINBOW ROAD — There is a marking halfway across the pedestrian walkway of the Rainbow Bridge that marks the US/Canadian Border. These photos can be epic in the dead of winter when the river is frozen. 400 POINTS
  83. LAKE ICE FISHERMAN — We want to see a pole and hole. 600 POINTS
  84. TUBING — Going downhill with inflatables! 400 POINTS
  85. CITY HALL — This building is iconic. Bike there! While you are there, you should go to the top of it, the observation deck is really cool. 400 POINTS
  86. SKI RACER — Participate in or watch a XC Ski race. 700 POINTS
  87. PLOWIN’ — Turn your bike into a snow plow. 500 POINTS
  88. ARTS N’ CRAFTS — Visit Campus WheelWorks. Make a paper snowflake with your team/name written on it. It’s going on our wall! 400 POINTS
  89. ETERNAL FLAME — Visit the area’s most iconic gas leak. 600 POINTS
  90. SUPERFREAK — Bike to Rick James’ grave. 400 POINTS
  91. BACK TO NATURE — Getaway from it all at Tifft Nature preserve. Check it out with Bike/Skis/or snowshoes. 500 POINTS
  92. POTATO FAMINE MEMORIAL — Go check out Buffalo’s best known monument to the great potato famine. 400 POINTS
  93. CAZENOVIA PARK — Get a shot of “Caz Creek” 400 POINTS
  94. STOMPING GROUND — Go to a neighborhood far away from yours, get a picture of their neighborhood sign, while you’re there, visit some establishment you never have before (Allentown, Black Rock, Riverside, First Ward, Lovejoy, etc.) 600POINTS
  95. MOONLIGHT SNOWSHOE — The CCC puts on one of the finest snowshoe events every year at Hunters Creek, come join! 600 POINTS
  96. FRONT PARK — You, your bike, and Commodore Oliver Hazard Perry. 400 POINTS
  97. LASALLE PARK — We hear it has a strange amphitheater thing. 400 POINTS
  98. RIVERSIDE PARK — Snag a shot from the pedestrian bridge that straddles the blight of highway that runs along our most famous river. 500 POINTS
  99. UNION SHIP CANAL — Bike down to the Union Ship Canal. This is where the Campus Road Race team practices in the warmer months. A relic of our history. 500 POINTS
  100. RED JACKET PARK — Probably the least known large park in Buffalo. You might want to bring Snowshoes. 500 POINTS
  101. UNITY ISLAND NORTH PIER — The Black Rock Canal meets the great Niagara River. 500 POINTS
  102. SHAKEITDON’TBRAKEIT—Join GoBikeBuffalo for their annual winter dance party. 500POINTS
  103. BREW-SKI @ KNOX FARM FEB. 18TH — 42North Brewery is hosting a XC Ski and beer tasting on this historic East Aurora Park. There will be rentals, beers, and groomed XC Ski trails. 600 POINTS
  104. MILEAGE CLUB 12/16/16–1/9/17… 50 MILES — Sign up to our Strava Club and log your winter miles. Hit the threshold per period and get the points! Bonus prize each month more most total miles. 500 POINTS
  105. MILEAGE CLUB 1/10/17–2/6/17…100 MILES — Sign up to our Strava Club and log your winter miles. Hit the threshold per period and get the points! Bonus prize each month more most total miles. 600 POINTS
  106. MILEAGE CLUB 2/7/17–3/6/17…100 MILES — Sign up to our Strava Club and log your winter miles. Hit the threshold per period and get the points! Bonus prize each month more most total miles. 600 POINTS
  107. MILEAGE CLUB 3/7/17–3/31/17…150 MILES — Sign up to our Strava Club and log your winter miles. Hit the threshold per period and get the points! Bonus Prize each month more most total miles. 600 POINTS


Teams or individuals may participate.

Anyone can participate for free—however we plan on having really cool prizes, if you want to compete for prizes (including custom clothing) we will ask for a $20 donation to the CCC. Payable in person, at Campus WheelWorks or online at

The phone app we are using to run the game is Goosechase. Download it and search for the event name: The Great Winter Get Out. Within the app either create a team or Choose a team to join.

If playing as an individual, just make a team with only yourself as a member.

There is a password for our event in Goosechase because we need all participants whether playing for free or not to fill out a waiver. Get the Password by registering for the event online at or in person at Campus WheelWorks.

If you for whatever reason cannot get a phone to work, try to get on a team with someone whose phone does, if that doesn’t work participate through social media tagging the challenge number and #getoutbuffalo.

For every activity based challenge you must be in the photo, as well as either your bike/helmet, snowshoes, or xc skis as evidence.

If playing as a team, at least half the team must be present during challenges and on certain challenges all must be present.

Most challenges don’t require any specific mileage to complete, however there are points for monthly mileage objectives, and a prize each month for overall most mileage completed. These are outdoor miles only, not trainer rides, unless you use your trainer outside. To participate sign up for our event Strava Club.

You are encouraged but not required to also post pictures and videos to social media. Use the official game tag if you post any images to social media outside the app! #getoutbuffalo

Challenges do not need to be done in any particular order.

Unless impossible because of distance (and we expect people to stretch the limits of their winter mobility), challenges are to be completed either using Bike, XC Skis or Snowshoes, we do understand that a small number of items outside the city might need to be driven to.

When taking photos of people make sure to get their consent.

Don’t cheat the spirit of winter, participate in good spirit and good faith.

Additional Bonus Points may be awarded at the discretion of judges for going above and beyond in terms of awesome. Since this is our first year, rules and challenges are subject to change.







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