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In March of 2016, a chapter of a global movement known as Creative Mornings was launched in Buffalo. The concept behind Creative Mornings is to offer a free monthly breakfast, where people gather to listen a speaker who is involved with an inspirational creative endeavor. The themes vary from month to month, which means that there is a diverse spectrum of presenters.

According to local organizer Kelly Atkinson (Green Window City), the intention of the volunteer-run project is “To celebrate Buffalo’s creative community while serving as an environment for mindful people of diverse disciplines to gather and grow together, sharing with each other and in turn, with other cities.”


Already, the Creative Morning initiative has drawn together a significant community of supporters (see here). This creative community joins over 150 other cities around the world, forming a global network of people who share common grounds when it comes to how cities can better themselves by simply “doing good”. Turning cities around is not rocket science, but it does take a consortium of creative minded people who all bring talents to the table. People like Edreys Wajed, a local artist, entrepreneur, family man, singer and family man:

“My husband and I briefly lived up north in Edmonton, AB for his postdoc,” said Kelly, upon being asked what got her motivated to start the ball rolling. “We saw CreativeMornings online and began attending to find community in our new city and shake-up those long winter days. Its impact on us was so great that upon moving to Buffalo, CreativeMornings was one of the first events we looked for, to no avail interestingly. Around that time I met the Insalacos through their project, Yeah! Buffalo. Beth had serendipitously been looking at CreativeMornings also wondering why it wasn’t here. So we waiting, thinking someone other than us, the new kids in town, would start a Buffalo chapter. …eventually, nobody did, so we did! This past Friday marks our tenth event and the roster’s been astounding: from the speakers to the partners, our team of volunteers, and especially the attendees that start their day with us!

“It’s a giant labor of love for everyone involved. We’re pretty excited for our next speaker and the theme, which are released on the first of the month in our newsletter. But he’s an author, Buffalonian, and a great new year kickoff!”

Creative Mornings got its start in New York City in 2008. Since that time, countless ideas have been shared. Thousands of lessons have been learned. And most importantly, cities have benefitted from the selfless endeavor. Now, Buffalo is lucky enough to share in those benefits.

On the second Friday of every month, CreativeMornings/Buffalo hosts a free breakfast and speaker to share their story related to creativity on a rotating theme.

Learn more about CreativeMornings/Buffalo by clicking here. Also follow the group on Facebook. Be sure to register (for free) online in order to attend upcoming events.

Stay tuned – the theme, speaker, venue, and partners will be announced on the 1st of the month.

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