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Collective International Film Festival – Submissions Until January 31

A new film collective is taking shape in Buffalo. Collective International Film Festival is setting out to rally filmmakers to submit their 3-10 minute short films on political, social and/or economic topics, which will then be screened in Buffalo. 

We are working to bring groups of creative and driven individuals together to encourage discussion on political, social or economic topics affecting their communities and day to day life. In an effort to give a voice to the growing oppressed and disenfranchised we wish to give them an opportunity to display their creative views (interpretation of) on issues surrounding both local and global communities through film. These issues can vary from poverty to outside views of themselves, their communities and even internal expressions of day to day conflicts that they may experience.

Sometimes the best attributes of a city arise when the downtrodden rise up and rally. They rally for themselves and they rally for others. In the end, they develop a voice that can be heard loud and clear. If there is a alternative vehicle waiting to carry the messages, then chances are the uprisal will be stronger and more effective.

In our first year we will be covering the topics of poverty (How does it affects different groups?), the phrase “Fear me not, I mean well” (A topic to showcase creative stories of power and how it is used or perceived.), and applicant’s own stories or topics be it fiction or nonfiction. If we achieve nothing else, we will at least raise the level of informed debate.

What is it about living in poverty that makes it so hard to climb back up out of the hole? Who is there to help? Who is there to hinder? What are the options? What are the pitfalls? So often, living in poverty is taken for granted. It’s considered a way of life for some, which is tragic that we have become so complacent when it comes to viewing perceived life stations.

“Living in poverty” pushes filmmakers to think out of the box about an issue that is so often put in the dark, and prodded with opinion. We aim to put a floodlight on poverty, with a globe at its center. “Identity narratives” are the best way to help feel how constricting and different slipping on someone else’s shoes truly is. This is the key to diversity, you never feel closer to someone else after you not only hear, but see their story. “Fear me not, I mean well,” allows contestants to find a common ground on grim issues while being playful and creating awareness for the issue of their choice.

In order to get the messages circulating, Collective International Film Festival is establishing partnerships within the community to drum up some ideas and discussions that can be used when talking about the big picture. If the stories can be told through the film medium, and distributed through the proper channels, chances are that everyone will benefit in the long run. Instead of brushing these issues under the carpet, it’s time to tell the stories.

We are working to create growth within the communities and establishing future partnerships between these creative groups to increase the level of deliberation and thoughtful resolution on topics affecting them. Our hopes are to create a cross generational batch of free thinkers willing to discuss hard topics of social and economic inequality who will work for a more peaceful, diplomatic and accepting future.

Collective International Film Festival

Filmmakers ages 13+

Submit 3-10 minute short films

Submission deadline Jan 31, 2017

Film showing TBA at that time

The screening will be in the Buffalo area, as we are a local organization.

There is no entry cost to submit. Filmmakers can win up to $1,500, and 17 other cash prizes are up for grabs. Categories reflect the collective’s goals, mirroring what they stand for.

Click here for link to submission page.

Written by Buffalo Rising

Buffalo Rising

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