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Buffalo Revival Spurs Revisits

Buffalo’s revival has attracted the attention of Marissa Orbanek, contributing writer at Sometimes, some of the best press (paper and online) that a city can get is in places where the population is close to home. Think about it. If you’re in Texas, and you’re reading about the rebirth of Buffalo, you might think, “Hmmm… someday I’d like to see Buffalo when I’m visiting Niagara Falls (bucket list).” At the same time, someone in the mega region (Toronto, Hamilton, Rochester… Erie) can read something about Buffalo and decide that they want to visit over the upcoming weekend. 

If someone in the mega region was to read this particular article about the city’s revival, it would certainly be a reminder to visit the underdog city that is finally making a super comeback.

Written by Buffalo Rising

Buffalo Rising

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  • Texpat

    The GoErie site is full of really aggressive pop-ups that even my blocker couldn’t handle.

  • MrGreenJeans

    Tell us about “revival” when Buffalo’s poverty and crime rates have dropped to something less tragic than what we have now.

    • No_Illusions

      …crime rate have been dropping. 2015 saw the lowest homicide rates the city has ever seen. 2016 was slightly higher but nothing like the homicide rate in the 90s and 80s.

      High School graduation rates have been improving.

      Poverty has increased, but we’d need to dissect this further to have a better understanding on where the pain points are. Are these people college kids living off of student loans? seniors living off social security? Kids? Families stuck in cyclical poverty? Each subset requires its own set of solutions.