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BRO Gift Guide – Pot Pants @ Sky’s the Limit

The BRO gift guide has now veered to the East Side for reasons that are clear.

Take a ride down Bailey Avenue and you will come across fashionista stores unlike anything else that you are familiar with.

The funny thing is, while I really fancy the pot pants (lead image) at Sky’s the Limit, there’s some super cool merchandise that is much more toned down… or somewhat toned down. The pot pants struck me because I actually thought that they were pretty fly.

Aside from the crazy array of pants, I found myself sifting through never-ending racks of belts, all priced to sell, sell, sell. Most of the belts were a bit too street-wise for me, but I came across a row of colorful gel-looking styles that… well.. when I saw that they were priced at $4 I bought a few for myself and friends.

I know that the typical BRO reader is not going to head over and load up on unfamiliar urban wear, but guess what? There are some pretty sweet fashion styles and accents that can, and should, be added to everyday clothing ensembles.

There’s no reason not to mix it up on occasion. You’re just not going to find this stuff at the mall. At the same time, you will find it in NYC. Well, there was a time when you would have found these items in and around Canal Street back in the day. Now it’s all hoity-toity shops and restaurants. The fun stuff has disappeared.

So I’m here to tell you that you might find some fun stuff on Bailey Avenue. Bailey has tons of fashion shopping options that the adventurous-non-Bean-boot-wearing public might find compelling. It’s not the ‘same old same old’, that’s for sure. And don’t think that it’s all pot pants either. I do love the look though. With weed gaining acceptance in the US and Canada, maybe it’s time to sport some reefer madness in Buffalo?

I picked up three pairs of sunglasses, a faux leopard muff and some gel belts. Not bad for a first time visit.

Sky’s the Limit | 2609 Bailey Avenue | Buffalo, New York | (716) 259-8213 | Scarves, sunglasses and everything else you can imagine | Super affordable verging on ridiculous

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