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BRO Gift Guide: Anything at Oxford Pennant

If you have not made it over to Oxford Pennant yet, then you just don’t know what you are missing. And that’s OK. There are those people who will never take the time to explore and support their city, and then there are others who search out all of the great things that make Buffalo such a rich and wonderful place. If you consider yourself to be someone who is teetering on the edge of the two aforementioned descriptions, now is the time to become a local advocate. By doing so, you will open up doors to places that will make you ‘oh so proud’ of the city where you live.


Today was the first time that I stopped into Oxford Pennant. From first stepping foot into the place, until my final wave goodbye, I felt as if I was honored to be a part of the throw back business. Owners Dave Horesh and Brett Mikoll have done a smashing job of creating a space that is both sophisticated yet modest. The products range from their coveted felt pennants to a museum quality print of a collage (made by Brett) that features a pin-up bikini clad gal climbing out of a swimming pool that just happens to be Niagara Falls.


Everywhere I turned I could not help but think, “Now this person would like this, and this item would be perfect for that person.” 

Oxford Pennant is named after the store mascot – Oxford the dog.

After browsing for a while, Dave pulled me aside and asked if I wanted some more background on the business. He started by telling me that they were currently taking custom pennant orders from Adidas, Facebook, Google, Burton, WordPress and Yahoo. It was then that I had to ask, “What on earth got you into the pennant business to begin with?” Dave told me that he and Brett happened to be in Boston a while back, and the two were just hanging around and randomly stopped into a shop. It turned out that the shop had a trunk full of old pennants. They asked the owner if anyone was still making the pennants and the owner drew a blank. After leaving the shop, on a lark, the two began to research who was making pennants, and guess what? Incredibly, the field was wide open. It was then that they buckled down and figured out how to make the darn things.


Like any fledgling business, the initial sales were to mostly to friends and family. But it didn’t take long before the winds of success started blowing their way. After posting a number of images on Instagram, they got their first big order. After that, the orders just kept coming in. Dave tells me that today one of their biggest issues that they face is fulfilling the orders.


But that does not stop them from running a pop-up shop the entire month of December. I asked Dave if they had any intentions of keeping the store open past December, and he told me that due to the overwhelming response from shoppers, they are actually considering it. After all, Dave and Brett also run their distribution operation from 43 West Tupper. That means, on slower days (this is not a highly foot trafficked storefront) they can work on the bread and butter of their business – selling their pennants all over the world. The retail sales would essentially be considered ‘the gravy’.


From the first banner that they ever produced (Let’s Go Buffalo) to myriad fantastic retail articles and objects that dot the walls and the shelves, Oxford Pennants appears to be in it to win it. It’s a business that we should all be proud of. It’s a business that take’s the Buffalo name and waves it proudly all over the world. For such a young business, these guys certainly have got their stuff together.


Come in for a pennant, and leave with a paddle, a flask, an artisan made football, cabin spray, a Topo trip pack, a Buffalo toque, or any other stylish item that recalls the days when people actually did things other than sit around texting on their phones.

Oxford Pennant | Facebook | Pop-up for the month of December, and hopefully longer! | 43 West Tupper | Buffalo NY | 12-8p, M-Sat.


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