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An Interesting Take on “Wide Right”

Serious Buffalo Bills’ fans pride themselves on knowing everything there is is to know about their home team. Some of the obscure stats that fans pull out of their collective hat is amazing. But I bet that there’s one bit of trivia that hardly any Bills’ fan knows. It pertains to a certain graveyard (Sheldon Family Cemetery) that is found adjacent to one of the parking lots.

The story goes that originally Ralph Wilson was going to have the bodies exhumed in order to position the stadium directly on it. After pushback from a couple of the descendants buried there, Wilson rotated the stadium, which put the cemetery adjacent to a parking lot.

Interestingly enough, it is said that by rotating the stadium, an unusual set of crosswind was allowed to enter the stadium… which has been known to adversely affect the performance of kickers and quarterbacks, according to a fascinating article, written by S.J. Velasquez, and featured on the BBC website. The article goes on to say that not only did the stadium disrupt a family cemetery, workers also dug up an Indian burial ground.

Whether the Bills are guided by the winds of change, or the hands of fate, maybe these new circumstances that have come to light should be added to the reasons to move the stadium downtown.

Lead image from the BBC – photographer SJ Velasquez

Written by Buffalo Rising

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