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$1 Million Gift for Explore & More Children’s Museum

The Explore & More Children’s Museum has received a significant capital gift in the amount of $1 million from the Paul A. Saffrin Foundation. The funds puts the museum one significant step further towards its $27 million project goal. This latest gift brings the museum’s Play It Forward capital campaign to two-thirds of its final goal. The timing couldn’t be better for this one, as the museum is set to break ground at Canalside in March of 2017. These particular funds will be earmarked towards building the Being Good Neighbors educational play zone. The play zone is one of seven different play zones at the museum.

“Those of us fortunate enough to call the City of Good Neighbors our home understand the importance of Being Good Neighbors. I can think of no better legacy to leave my children, and all of our children, than the opportunity to discover the world around them and all of the things that make our hometown special,” said Paul Saffrin (lead image), Trustee of the Paul A. Saffrin Foundation.

“Every year our students benefit from the hands-on learning experiences that Explore & More provides, either at the Museum or right here in our school. Explore & More’s programs expand on what our students are learning in the classroom, providing a much richer experience through our partnership than what any school can do on its own,” said Terry Tryon, Principal of Eggert Road Elementary in Orchard Park, where the announcement was held (see lead photos).

“We are excited to be a good neighbor at Canalside, bringing creative hands-on learning experiences to children and families in Buffalo and from across the region. We feel a great responsibility to be part of the solution for moving the needle on school readiness and achievement for the 50% of the City’s children who start school at a remedial academic level – while also making a positive impact economically and socially,” said Douglas Love, CEO of Explore & More. “It’s a monumental task, with an even greater impact – and it’s good neighbors like Paul Saffrin that are helping to make this dream a reality for Western New York’s children.“

“Paul Saffrin’s generous gift takes the museum two-thirds of the way to their $27 million project goal. This is a game-changing investment in a once-in-a-lifetime project, which will mean so much for the region’s children today…and for generations to come,” said David McNamara, Managing Partner of Phillips Lytle and Chair of Explore & More’s Capital Campaign.

The museum is schedule to open the second half of 2018.

For more information, visit or call (716) 655-5131 ext. 11.

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  • Ra Cha Cha

    The museum is a good cause. Saffrin seems like a nice guy, with a lovely family. But he’s CEO of Tonawanda Coke. So it’s hard to know how to feel about this. I mean, I’ve gotten used to seeing Tonawanda Coke as the bad guys, for good reason: they have been. If that’s changed or is changing, I’d love to know.

    • sydsizer

      Just Googled the name, as I never heard his name before. His open LinkedIn Profile says he’s been at Tonawanda Coke for 17 years ( According to he is the grandson of the founder. So not only guilty by association, but by relations.

      Good for him, giving back to the community after many years of giving cancer, emphysema and other incurable conditions. F this ‘capitalist’ who’s motto is “I get rich and everyone else is screwed”. Take your business and pollution elsewhere at get the F out the area.

      • Michael DiPasquale

        This kind of crude and irresponsible post has no place on BR.

        • Matt Marcinkiewicz

          It’s justified. Tonawanda Coke has ruined lives.

        • Ra Cha Cha

          Have to say I don’t agree. Tonawanda Coke has been proven to be one of the most despicable corporate actors in recent WNY history. They’ve hurt a lot of people that we know of, and who knows what the new health study will find. While I might not have said it the same way, I think their track record is relevant to point out here, and the anger expressed reflects the feelings of a lot of people.

        • sydsizer

          I hope your joking Michael DiPasquale. If not, my comment is certainly justified – as many of the other commenters have confirmed. It does belong here. Not every story/article/opinion/advertisement is a supposed elicit 100% acceptance; this one, more than most, raises many red flags to the discerning eye. Nevertheless, this is a apt forum to express my disgust with this man, his polluting organization, and his shallow attempt to redeem himself with a token gift, grossly unequal the harm he has produced. I’d love to here how why you think my original post was crude and irresponsible. Lay it out …

          • Michael DiPasquale

            Lay it out? That’s easy. The idea that someone is “guilty by association” makes no sense. A statement like that, and using a “Linked In” profile as evidence is very irresponsible. Finally, posting comments like “get the F our of the area” is crude.

      • Matt Marcinkiewicz

        Being guilty due to relations is perhaps more excusable/forgivable than the alternative. Having TC be his family business makes his involvement predictable, if not ultimately justifiable

      • Ivan Putski Jr

        Tonawanda Coke sounds like a friday night on Oliver Street

  • Kevin Ryan